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Suzie Q

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Band Hip Hop Pop


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My name is Suzie Ham I’m twenty three year’s old and I ‘am a first year college Student. I’am recently taking my basic, but my major is music composition.

If I was to be asked ten years ago if I would be going to college, my answer would be NO.I would be lucky to finish high school, which would be good enough for me!
I grew up Jehovah witness, with a family of six, two sister and a brother with me being the youngest. My dad stayed home most my life and my mom worked all the time. My dad was very abusive, so some day’s we didn’t have the option to go to school. As long as the teacher’s didn’t bug my father, he could care less if we even tried or made F’s .So bring home homework and getting help from my parent’s didn’t happen at all for me. So year’s down the road while I was still young and in school my sibling began dropping out one at a time. If I was old enough at that time I would of done the same, But Year’s went by and I took a sense of pride in being different from the family routine and become the only person in my family, Including my parent’s to graduate and walk the high school stage.
I’m now on a much bigger goal then high school and that is to finish my first semester in College. I have been very scared of going. College is a big deal not only me, but everyone who want’s further their education. I’m afraid to fail and feel disappointment I have made a commitment to myself, so I avoid my fear.

I want to be heard across the world change people’s life and emotions in just one verse. When I was a kid I would lock myself in the room and just drifted away, I didn’t have friend because we weren’t aloud. My best friend be came this wonderful sound called music.
I would hear the sound and emotion in the song and know that on day I would escape or one day fall in love or know what love really feels like or get the courage to rescue my mom and be happy. Make so much money she never had to work again. Music is what give me my drive to live my life and not be controlled, make my kid’s a life great life and stable place to live. When I was a teen I would write lyric’s for fun, but know I want to be heard by all. Touch a soul and the person not even have to meet me to know there not alone. I have a lot of step’s to take before I jump in and get my feet wet, but that's why I’ m in college, to educate myself. I have to get all my lyric copyrights and find a great producer and put my music with my lyric’s or produce my own sound and make a demo. Travel the world meets new people. Put it on YouTube, E mail Ellen DeGeneres. Find a good attorney and make it happen. If I can go through all the odds and emotional slaps in the face, then I will make my goal a reality. I have no time limit it could be tomorrow when I get heard; it may be ten year’s down the road. I can tell you one thing there will never be a never for me. You are the person you choose to become.
Don’t forget the name Suzie Ham, because one day you will hear my accomplishments sung out loud.