Suzi Hinex

Suzi Hinex


Suzi Hinex brings the message of Christ in her own unique way. Her style is not the traditional Christian/Gospel music but soft and soul-stirring. Her songs are aimed directly for the hearts of the listeners to inspire, uplift, and encourage.


Singer/songwriter Suzi Hinex had humble beginnings in Indianola, MS. During her childhood, church and singing was the norm. After her father passed, times were hard but God always brought her family through those times. It was the good news of God that carried them through the hard times and it is this same unchanging, good news that she sings and writes of today.

Suzi has been writing songs for others and herself for approximately eight years. She recently finished her first CD which contains ten original songs with Abbey Road Music in Nashville, TN. She crosses all stylistic, social, and age barriers with inspirational delivery and soul stirring music. Her genuine adoration and love for God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit transcends her music.

"Praise and worship is my favorite music by far." Suzi explains. "When you get a revelation of who God is, all that He has done, and His love for you, How can you not have a heart of gratitude and adoration for Him."

While Suzi writes all of her songs, she credits Holy Spirit for the inspiration. "Welcome Here" is a CD that encourages listeners to open their hearts to Jesus. The message of the title song is that God doesn't live in buildings made by men but in the heart.

Another emotionally-charged song on this CD is "The Father Runs to You." The inspiration for this song came from the prodigal son's life in Luke 15. She tells how Heavenly Father has unconditional love and He runs to welcome everyone who comes to Him from a life of sin.

"So Great Salvation" is another song that draws the listeners in. "Jesus Christ is our Great Salvation", says Suzi. Suzi wrote this song from revelation she received from Hebrews 2:1-3. These scriptures shout a warning, "How shall we escape (condemnation), if we neglect so great salvation (Jesus Christ)."

Suzi's songs reflect her heart. Her heart's desire is to bring people to know and experience the saving grace that God has to offer through Jesus Christ. She also desires to extend encouragement and issue a call to holiness to people who are already under grace. Her prayer is that everyone who hears her music will feel the awesome Presence of God and, in so doing, be drawn to deeper depths of intimacy with Him.


The Father Runs to You

Written By: Suzi Hinex

You may have wandered away from God
And you don't really know what to do
Just remember Father knows where you are
Unconditional is the love He has for you
So, lift up your head and lift up your voice
He has not forgotten you
Make the choice to leave the place you are
And return to Him
He's waiting, arms extended to you

The Father runs to you...2X
Just like the Father of the prodigal
God runs to you

When you come to Him
He takes away all your sin
And He gives you new life within
He fills you with His Holy Spirit
Then your new life is ready to begin
Father has a robe prepared for you
And shoes prepared for your feet
A ring of authority sized just for you
And a crown for all of your feats

The Father runs to you...2X
a soft whisper, "Father forgive me"
causes Him to run

It doesn't matter where you've wandered
It doesn't matter how far
It doesn't matter what you've done
Father knows where you are
Don't you know how much He misses you
Don't you know how much He cares
Your place at the table is empty
and Father wants you there

He runs to you...
Chorus 1 and 2 repeat

Faith Will Not Be Denied

Written By: Suzi Hinex

Twelve Long Years
I did all I could
Spent All I had
No one or Nothing did me good
How different is this Man
Of whom I've been told
There's healing in His hand
And Virture in His clothes

I will run to Him
I'll go to Him
I'll push through the crowd
I'll receive from Him
I'll touch His hem
Faith will not be denied

Will He notice me
Will His disciples call me out
I'm holding on to faith
I'll receive without a doubt
He's my last hope
If I can only touch His clothes
Or maybe just the hem
I shall be made whole

Repeat ... Chorus

I'm holding on to faith
I will not let go
I must touch His clothes

So excuse me ma'am
Forgive me sir
I must get to Jesus now
to receive from Him
I'll touch His hem
Faith will not be denied



1. Day By Day
2. Welcome Here
3. Drop Your Anchor
4. Lift Me Up
5. The Father Runs To You
6. So Great Salvation
7. Freefall
8. Faith Will Not Be Denied
9. God is God On Purpose
10. I Believe

Set List

Live Performances
A. Short Set - 7 to 25 minutes show with tracks

B. Full Set - 25 minutes to 1 hour show with tracks