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Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE
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"Suzy & Los Quattro "HANK" review"

Woah. Talk about turning a negative into a positive.

On March 9th 2009, Suzy and BB Quattro's friend HANK was murdered. This catapulted them into an episode that they've captured like an audio movie. I hesitate to use the expression rock opera because this includes the roll part too. In addition to the fact that they had to deal with the loss of a dear friend, the healing process took many twists and turns. All of those are documented here in terms of a collision between the finest shards of East Coast US punk and glorious Californian pop.

You read acres of press blurb about how great bands and artists are. Most of its tosh - but you gotta sell it somehow. I put my hand up - I am undeniably biased but sometimes one has to be objective. There are times when in order to retain any sort of credibility then such bias has to be set aside.

As much for the acts sake as for the individual who is testifying.

So, I solemnly swear that this album plays out like a great film. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. It's sequenced to be listened to in order but the individual songs stand tall in their own right.

Be it the Bo Diddley type crunch that hits in “The Quiet Man” or an anthem like “In My Dreams Again” that literally reduced me to rubble. “Freak Out” and “Kick Ass” are power rockers that'll have you bouncing and punching the air like you thought you'd forgotten how to.

It's been a pure pleasure to watch the band get here. It's not fake, it's not forced and their version of Bobby Dylan's “You Angel You” is as jaw dropping as how The Who interpreted Mose Allison's “Young Man Blues”. Suzy's vocal on “Still Mad About You” is pure Minnie Ripperton, a soul/doowop hymn to their departed amigo that manages to convey hope for the future in addition to declaring their allegiance to HANK.

Wherever he is at this point, I bet H is damn proud of what his old friends have assembled in his honour. He must have been a heck of a guy to warrant this standard of remembrance. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting him, I reckon we would have gotten along just (Jim) dandy.

That's my pitch - if you don't like this then I really can't help you but if you do then savour every note because they hardly ever make blockbusters like this anymore. - Lindsay Hutton (Mojo/Sounds/TNBT)


FREAK SHOW, mini-CD (No Tomorrow Records, 2002)

“SUZY & LOS QUATTRO sing with TV SMITH”, single 7” (No Tomorrow Records, 2003)

“HE COULD BE THE ONE”, single 7” (Screaming Apple Records, 2003)

THE SINGLES LP/CD (Wizzard In Vinyl 2004, Screaming Apple/No Tomorrow 2005)

READY TO GO!, LP/CD (No Tomorrow Records, Wizzard In Vinyl, 2004)

STICK WITH IT LP/CD (Wild Punk Records / Screaming Apple, 2008)

PLAY ON WITH THE RUBINOOS (Wild Punk Records, 2010)

HANK (BCore, 2011)



Having released their debut mini-CD “Freak Show” 10 years ago, Suzy & Los Quattro has become one of the most internationally-acclaimed bands ever to emerge from the Spanish indie scene. Pretty damn good going considering that the material on that EP was never intended to be anything more than an anniversary present between Suzy Chain and BB Quattro, the rockin’ couple that front this amazing combo.

Prior to making their first full length album, "Ready To Go!", they’d already recorded a bunch of cool singles (one of these featured their punk icon TV Smith of The Adverts) and
toured France and Germany. “Ready To Go!” paid homage to the bubblegum and new wave sounds they worshipped so much and it served the purpose of spreading their name far and wide – including to Japan where the album was licensed ahead of a tour in 2005.

Three years later they teamed up with Los Angeles pop genius producer Robbie Rist. A huge fan of the band whose amazing production skills helped S&LQ come up with one of the best albums of 2008, "Stick With It". This still oozed Blondie/Ramones/Beach Boys but also widened their range to other sounds like Glam, Disco, 60's girl groups and Doo-Wop. The record got rave reviews everywhere and was more than approved by some of their RnR idols
like Andy Shernoff (The Dictators), Ben Weasel (Screeching Weasel) and reputed music addict Lindsay Hutton (Mojo, Sounds, TNBT) who wrote the liner notes. The band toured
extensively with over 100 shows in 9 countries, again including Japan where "The Singles" a compilation of their scarce 45s was released.

Shortly after that, the band toured Spain with American pop legends - The Rubinoos. They locked themselves in the studio to record a session that mixed up both line-ups to result in a very special recording entitled "Suzy & Los Quattro Play On With The Rubinoos".

During the time approaching this, the third album - the band suffered the loss of their best friend and roadie, Hank. It was decided that they’d dedicate this to their everlasting love for
their departed “brother” and all of the songs were written around the personal odyssey of coping with such a devastating loss. Robbie Rist, the band’s own “George Martin”is once again in the production chair and "Hank" was recorded at Musiclan Studios in Figueres (one
of the best in Europe). The set also features their old friend Tim Cross (The Adverts/Mike Oldfield) on keyboards again too as he did on “Stick With It!”. The famous producer combo Blind Joes (who have worked with huge Spanish artists like Sidonie or Love Of Lesbian) were in charge of the mixes and they’ve arrived at the most powerful sound the band has ever achieved.

The remarkable studio chemistry has created the best album that the band has made over the course of their career thus far. Suzy Chain's voice leads the charge to make these big
BB Quattro penned pop anthems roll in the thunder. They break down any and all the stereotypical taboos that might have followed them over the years. The result is a masterclass in stellar pop thrills, it’s all here delivered with more heart and soul than its safe to consider.

Rock'n'Roll, Crunchy Pop, Punk Rock, New Wave, Phil Spector, Surf Music, Doo-Wop and even a bit of Motown/Stax. It’s one heck of a melting pot.

The legendary label BCore is on board to help spread this pop gospel far and wide. Dates all
over the world are in the planning stages and the next stage of the S&LQ world domination strategy is set to swing into action.

Stick with them.