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Suzy Callahan


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Suzy Callahan
Happier than Everybody Else
Release date: February 1, 2005
Suzy Callahan spent her teenage years growing up in North Yorkshire, England mucking about
on pig farms by day and singing in folk clubs at night. Along with her continent hopping parents
she eventually returned to the U.S., attending the University of Maryland and, where fate should
have it, met Scott Tyburski. Immediately upon discovering their mutual musical aspirations they
traded tapes and began writing and recording songs together.
Working with a revolving door of musicians they eventually garnered a local hit single, “I Want
to be a Boy” through heavy rotation on WHFS. Spurred on by this success they decided to
release a full-length album of songs they had been working on. In 1989 they formed Devils
Wielding Scimitars and released three well-received albums: Curious Soul - bare-bones folky
pop recorded live in the studio and released on their own label Scared Guy Music, then in 1991
Worry Dolls - lush and jangle on San Jacinto/Rough Trade and DWS III in 1997 - mesmerizing,
psychedelically influenced and produced by Kramer of Bongwater (Shimmy Disc) fame.
But by the time their third record was released the pair, now married, also had two young
children. Money was tight, touring was difficult, and as the age old story goes they had to quit
music and get real jobs. Sad faces all around. Pack everything up in boxes and store them away.
The next seven years were spent ignoring the elephant sitting in the middle of the living room.
Suzy tried to exorcise the demon by studying acting and performing in local theatres at night. But
an elephant never forgets and something had to be done.
So Scotty coughed up 80 bucks for recording software and Suzy started writing new tunes that all
but burst forth from her guitar. Smiling faces abounded. The two laid down tracks in their
basement studio while the kids were in school. They dropped their spooky moniker and released
“Happier Than Everybody Else” by Suzy Callahan - a collection of 10 eccentric pop songs
addressing everything from relationship schisms to isolationisms and all that happens in between.
What’s in between? You’ll have to find out for yourself.
Suzy Callahan –Voice, Guitars
Scott Tyburski – Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Additional Guitars


Suzy Callahan
Happier than Everybody Else
Release date: February 1, 2005

Set List

College Girl
Pretty Soldiers
I'd Like to Introduce Myself to Karen
Shakespeare and Me
Brutal Day
Tough on the Outside
No Pain
More Mothering

One set - 45 minutes