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"Folk rules!"

"Sver" means big or great in Røros-dialect, and on their record-debut this young folk music trio lives up to its name. Olav Luksengård Mjelva from Røros on violin, hardangerfiddle and viola, Leif Ingvar Ranøien from Røros on two-row accordion and Vidar Berge from Hardanger on guitar takes the folk music into our time without destroying the traditions. They have a playful, improvisatoric style of playing, with advanced rythms and good contrasts. They are great instrumentalists and at the same time strong when it comes to creativity and fantasy.
The rythmics can bring your thougts to really fresh, Irish folk music, but the Norwegian style is always there.
The menu covers groovy dancing tunes to calm melodies with only one instrument.
Everything is good!
- Østlendingen


2007 SVER



The story of SVER

The trio “SVER” is put together of Olav Luksengård Mjelva (violin, viola and hardanger-fiddle), Leif Ingvar Ranøien (two-row accordion) and Vidar Berge (guitar, mandola and harmonica)

Olav and Leif Ingvar have played together since 2002 and SVER has had its current crew since 2007. From 2008 they have also done gigs with the Swedish percussionist Jens Linell.

The word “sver” is an expression from Røros in eastern Norway and is used to describe something great or wild, and this is something that SVER wants to manifest through their music.
The group has its roots in the Røros district, but also gets important impulses from Hallingdal and Hardanger. In addition, jam-sessions often results in new tunes, which becomes a part of their repertoire.

SVER’s music is recognized by a high energy-level, tight interaction and creative and modern arrangements that take the Norwegian folk-music to a new and pleasant expression. The group like an acoustic powertrio of the Norwegian folk and delivers a rhythmical groove and joy that is highly engaging.

Leif Ingvar Ranøien: two-row accordion
Born 1983

Leif Ingvar is not like every other accordion-player. Instead of idolizing the traditional accordion-music, he has made the Norwegian fiddle-music his idol. This gives him a particular and personal expression on his instrument. The music from the Røros district is closest to his heart, but music from other parts of Norway is also in his repertoire. In SVER, he pushes the limits for what is possible on an accordion with breath taking finger-runs and a funky bass lines. He is also extremely conscious in making the music groovy.
Leif Ingvar has become a well-educated man. He is now at his fourth year at the Ole Bull academy, and has a master degree of Norwegian folk music. He works freelance and is a much appreciated musician for dances.

Olav Luksengård Mjelva: violin, viola and Hardanger-fiddle
Born 1983

One of Norway’s finest fiddlers on both fiddle and Hardanger-fiddle. He has focused mostly on the traditional music from Røros and Hallingdal, but keeps an open mind to other genres. This free attitude has taken Olav to many musical projects besides the Norwegian folk music and has made him an exciting composer and arranger. Olav is also a perfectionist and loves to put little details into SVER’s music. He is an expert in producing “cunning” harmonies.

Olav has studied traditional music at the Rauland academy and the Ole Bull academy. He works freelance with different projects and is the administrator of the Winter Chamber Music Festival in Røros.

Vidar Berge: guitars, mandola and harmonica.
Born 1973

Vidar has been into many musical genres as blues, irish and rock, but has now settled in the Norwegian folk music. He handles many different guitar-instruments, from 6 to 12 strings, and as a real Norwegian folk music-guitarist, he tunes his guitars into many different tunings. Just like a Norwegian fiddler.
In addition to his different guitar-models as dobro and weissenborn, Vidar also plays the mandola and the mandolin. In SVER the twelve string guitar is mostly used, and with extra deep bass-strings he can play heavy bass-lines together with a bouncy rhythm. It sounds like an orchestra all by itself!

Vidar also likes to compose tunes and songs with rude lyrics. He has gotten a lot of experience as an arranger and has played with many of Norway’s finest folk musicians.

Vidar has also acquired music education, studying folk, jazz and traditional music.