SVET the Hip Hop Electro Violinist
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SVET the Hip Hop Electro Violinist

Rochester, New York, United States | MAJOR

Rochester, New York, United States | MAJOR
Band Hip Hop EDM




"Elite Daily Artist Feature" - Elite Daily

"Elite Daily Artist Feature" - Elite Daily

"Elite Daily Artist Feature" - Elite Daily

"Elite Daily Artist Feature" - Elite Daily

"The Hip-Hop Violinist"

The lights dropped and the room surged with electricity as the violin sounded. Then the bass dropped and a feeling of compulsion over took the audience as Svet, the hip-hop violinist, stepped on stage and blew the audience away with his combination of classical violin playing and hip-hop elements.

Shortly after the doors opened the audience was introduced to a local DJ, who tried to hype up the crowd with music by Chris Brown, LMFAO, Rihanna and Pitbull, with very little results. It wasn’t until he broke out a few dance moves that the audience was roused. Around 8:45 p.m. a local dance group called The Sweet Dancers were met with a very warm welcome as they entertained the audience with their elaborate hip-hop dance routine.

Then, after almost an hour of music and dancing — more on the DJ’s part than the audience’s — Svet finally emerged on stage and the energy level picked up almost instantly. Opening with songs like “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics and David Guetta’s “Turn Me on,” he brought an energy to the stage that was almost contagious.

“He engages the crowd very well,” said third year Packing Science major, Jasmine Tompkins.

Born Svetlin Radoslavof, the Bulgarian native moved to the US at the age of 11 and had already been playing the violin for eight years.

“It was all my mother,” said Radoslavof. “She was the one who took me to my first lesson and really disciplined me.”

It was that discipline that got him a scholarship to the Eastman school of music at the age of 11, where he practiced while attending Brighton High School.

Radoslavof was introduced to hip-hop when one of his friends handed him an Usher tape and was instantly inspired by his creativity and swagger. Since then he has always looked to other innovative styles of music and artists like David Guetta and the dance hit “Mr. Saxobeat.”

“I really enjoy innovative things that are done to take music to the next level,” said Radoslavof. “It makes glad that I do what I do.”

Today, Radoslavof is better known as Svet aka The Hip-Hop Violinist, and at the age of 25 he has been featured on networks such as BET, MTV and ABC. He has performed with big name artist like T-Pain, Rihanna, Trina and Trick Daddy.

After a 40 minute set, the audience was introduced to the other side of Svet: a rapping and singing side. He performed his singles “All The Way” and “Exotic Dancer” with local singer Lindsey Veda. He even chose a girl from the audience and serenaded her with Usher’s “Nice and Slow.” Though his rapping and singing are admirable, when it comes down to it his true talent is the violin — he proved that when performing Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation” and “Levels” by Avicii.

As Svet ended his final number, “The Lazy Song,” by Bruno Mars, he was met with applause and many shouts of praise from audience.

“All guys should learn to do that,” commented Clarissa Garvy, a second year Applied Math major.

Svet’s performance even earned him the respect of a fellow RIT musician. Kindred spirit and second year Computer Science major, Gretchen Raffensberger expressed her admiration. “As a violinist myself I was impressed and inspired.” - REPORTER Online

"Svet opening for GYM CLASS HEROES"

Gym Class Heroes featuring Svet the Hip-Hop Violinist
In Cities, Towns & Villages, People, Social Scene on April 17, 2012 at 3:34 pm

This past Friday Svet the Hip-Hop Violinist kept his nationwide tour roaring after having the pleasure of opening up for Gym Class Heroes along with banging out two amazing sets at their After-Party held at One Nightclub and Lounge.

Over 2,000 people showed up for the concert, which turned out to be musical insanity and genius! Gym Class Heroes put on a fantastic show after Svet’s 25 minute opening set.

Svet’s opening performance was seemingly flawless, igniting the crowd into a fueled dance party that didn’t end until One Nightclub closed at 3:30 the next morning!

While photographing the concert, I was amazed at how well the Sound and Lighting Technicians handled each of the sets. The photographs I snapped prior to the start of the show compared to the illuminated setting that was created once the colored lights flashed down on the stage loaded with sound equipment prove how well the technicians did their job. Apart from lowering color saturation in some of the photos to create Black and White frames, no color filters or enhancements were used to capture these moments.

Another great show for #Teamsvet and everyone who enjoyed the magical music on Friday night!

#KeeptheMusicIndustryRocking! - Joe Cubiotti

"Svet – the Hip Hop Violinist at MAG"

You may have caught him at the Clothesline Festival in 2008, the Waterstreet Music Hall or the Back 2 School Bash at the Armory – a small handful of a wide variety of Rochester venues. Since that time, Svet [the hip hop violinist] has been crossing the states on a never-stop, national tour. On May 10th, Svet will be back in town, and performing at the Memorial Art Gallery with opening act Dame and a special guest appearance: Hassaan Mackey. - Democrat & Chronicle Rochester NY

"Hip-hop violinist upstate musician to tour Europe"

Svetlin Radoslavof moved to the United States from Bulgaria when he was 11 years old. By then, he had already been playing the violin for eight years.

"My mother, she was the one that took me to my first violin lesson and told me to play," says Radoslavof, "At first I was annoyed, but she knew I loved it. So she pushed me and pushed me and I just kept going."

Today, Radoslavof is better known as Svet aka "The Hip-Hop Violinist." The 22-year-old was recently featured as co-producer and violinist on Toby Love's album "Love is Back," which sold more than 200,000 copies, according to the young musician.

As a producer, the hip-hop ciolinist works with artists from New York City and Los Angeles to create beats and combine his violin sound with upbeat pop and hip-hop tracks.

"As an overall artist I do everything," he says, "I produce tracks for myself as well as other people, and I'm also a singer as well as a rapper. I combine everything together, that's why I think I'm establishing a pretty good image because nobody's really doing what I do."

In November, Radoslavof says he became the first violinist to perform at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, during an event called New Music Seminar. At his first "red carpet event" the violinist was introduced to heads of major record labels and took home a stack of business cards. He was offered a contract with CGM Entertainment but he is still in negotiations and "shopping around."

In the very near future, the hip-hop violinist will embark on a 10-day European tour. From February 13-24 he will perform solo in Germany and Eastern Europe. Radoslavof is most excited about stopping off in Bulgaria though, where he will be featured on a television show and have a chance to visit with family he hasn't seen in more than 10 years.

"I was a kid when I came here and everything's there, my whole family. So that should be pretty fun," he says.

When he returns from this tour he will be hitting the books. The rapper/singer/violinist/producer is also a student at the University of Rochester, where he will graduate with a bachelor's in economics in May.

Radoslavof says balancing an emerging career with school work can be tricky.

"Yeah, it's tough, I'm not gonna lie. But, you know, if you manage your time well, you can do anything. I pretty much do school Monday through Thursday and Friday through Sunday I do music," he says, "It's hard work, there's a lot of time to put into it, but it definitely pays off." - Metro Mix Rochester NY


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American International, Music Producer, Recording Artist, and a Mainstream Violinist.

SVET was born on September 3rd 1986 in Eastern Europe and at the age of only three, he displayed his unique talent on the Violin. Through dedication, determination and discipline, his early compositions on piano and violin won him a scholarship to the legendary Eastman School of Music. As a violinist, singer and music producer, SVET is now one of the few if not the only one in the industry with such horizon.

I love the fact that I can elevate music to the next level. It gives me inspiration watching people enjoying and dancing to my music.

At the age of 26, SVET has appeared on major networks such as ABC, BET, MTV, and recently SVET was featured on NBCs premier TV show Americas Got Talent. SVET is currently working on his debut album as well as touring College Campuses all around the country. SVET was also the first ever half time performance act for the Brooklyn Nets franchise at Barclay Center in Brooklyn NY.

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