Its all comes from heart


Hi, we are the only Reggae Band in Glasgow University (Scotland, UK), consisting of Russian singer, Irish drummer, Estonian guitarist, half-American bassist and Scottish clarinettist. Interesting, eh? We are all music students doing music degree in the University of Glasgow. The project started from playing Bob Marley songs but then moved onto creating our own, which are the mixture of few styles with “Reggaish” rhythm section as the basis.

The project became popular by the power of the word of mouth. The idea was so intriguing that it attracted attention of many and we were invited to few gigs. We started from the acoustic set-up: acoustic guitar, djambe, clarinet, voice and acoustic bass but for the recordings we decided to use also non-acoustic instruments. We didn’t have a name and someone had to call us “Cousin Bob” to announce us on the gig. Overall… lots of memories and fun :)


Irish Penguin

Written By: Svetlana Fitzpatrick

I. I drank the wine with Penguin today.
He told me story of where he came from
He told me story that he came for me.
Red wine x 3

II. I said “goodbye”
He asked me “why?”
I said “Hello”
He told me “Shh…. No more, darling ;) ”
I said “You are the only who hears me”
He said “Lets take off and fly far away”

Ask me No More

Field of Battle

Written By: Svetlana Fitzpatrick

I. He had to leave the field of battle,
He's lost his heart at war.
The War that I accidently started...
What was I fighting for?

Chorus: But we've got to lose no more (with),
we've got to lose no more,
we ended it, we ended *bloody war...

II. Don't look behind you,
Never look back.
Past opens up the wound.
He isn't coming back,
He couldnt fight no more,
He had to leave it, leave the *bloody war.