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Savage Patch Kidds

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2019
Duo Pop Alternative




"An Interview with Savage Patch Kidds"

The Savage Patch Kidds are a genre-bending duo comprised of Canadian, Ramona Vogue, and kidd Chaos of the U.S.A. The group was formed in 2019 after meeting in Los Angeles, which could only be described as kismet. The two discovered their mutual infatuation with writing and performing music. After quickly learning each other’s style, they wrote, recorded, and published their thought provoking EP, “1991.”

We spoke to the duo about their newest project and what’s to come. Read the full interview below!

For those who don’t know, how long have you been making music and how would you describe your style?
(Ramona) Separately, we had both been writing and playing for most of our adult(-ish) lives. kidd was in the Pittsburgh hip hop scene while I was in the indie rock scene back in Toronto. We describe our style as ‘genre-bending’ as we love to fuse the roots that create our sound and pull inspiration from a big catalog of artists.

Savage Patch Kidds Music
Could you briefly describe your music making process?
(kidd) Our process is quite unique because it’s usually done from 3,000 miles apart (myself in LA and Ramona in Toronto.) If we have an idea ready, we will write and demo individually, compare, and then select what we like the most. It’s a very collaborative and amoeba-esque process because it grows and develops until we’re happy.

What can you tell us about your latest release?
(Ramona) We released ‘1991’ on 9/1 and it has been the best experience. As our debut, we wanted to showcase the different angles in which we write and perform. The tracks we wrote are unique to each other including ‘Radio Silence’, written as an homage to my late uncle, Neil Peart. We were fortunate to have an awesome team including Khari Mateen as our vocal engineer, he acted as our ‘sound mentor’ and really helped develop the EP to the next level.

Video for “Tangible Love” off their EP “1991”
If you could collaborate with any artist, past or present, who would you choose?
(Both) We have an encyclopedia’s worth of artists that inspire us and would love to work with…but we freaking love Peter Gabriel. Honorable mentions would include: Mike Posner, Chester Bennington (R.I.P.), and “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” era Blink 182.

What do you have planned creatively for the upcoming year?
We are really looking forward to the next year- Covid has really put a dent in things for everyone but it has given us the gift of time to write and really hone in on who the Savage Patch Kidds are. We are currently writing a full length album and can’t wait to showcase our dancing through the visuals we have planned. Like Pinky and the Brain…we’re going to do what we always do. Try to take over the world! - Upstream Indie


The Savage Patch Kidds are an up and coming duo who burst onto the music scene at the beginning of September. After Ramona Vogue and kidd Chaos met in Los Angeles back in 2019, the pair realised their, “mutual infatuation with writing and performing music”. The amalgamation of each artists’ unique compositional style forms a sound that is unique to the Savage Patch Kidds; Ramona Vogue with her career in the dance industry and interest in classic rock, kidd Chaos with his experience with poetry, Hip-Hop and Hardcore.

After spending the past year honing their collective talent, the Savage Patch Kidds decided to begin releasing their music to the world with the recent passing of Ramona’s uncle, Neil Peart and the Covid-19 crises inspiring the band to “make [their] dreams a reality”.

To date, the Savage Patch Kidds have one EP in their online discography, our featured release: ‘1991’. Although the EP dropped on the first of September, all of the tracks have received thousands of streams, including the likes of ‘Savage Patch’, amassing almost fifteen thousand streams, ‘Paradigm’, gathering over nine thousand streams, and ‘Better’ with more than eight thousand streams. With sixteen and a half thousand monthly listeners on Spotify alone, there is no denying the fact that the Savage Patch Kidds have cultivated a dedicated following of loyal fans.

Our featured EP, ‘1991’ by the Savage Patch Kidds, is out now and available to stream on all major streaming platforms! The EP lasts around seventeen minutes and consists of five tracks. Although the EP is grouped under the genre classification of Pop, each track provides a unique take on the Savage Patch Kidds’ creative compositional talent.

‘Paradigm’ lasts four minutes and twenty-four seconds and sits at 100bpm. The foundational bass/beat creates the perfect platform for the main vocal line. The combination of the main melodic hook and rapped verses provide the perfect amount of dynamic diversity to make this track engaging from start to finish. ‘Better’ lasts two minutes and fifty seconds and sits at 81bpm. The dark tone of the instrumentation is enhanced by the stylistically panned vocal layers that seamlessly synchronise to form a harmonised sound that has a rich depth. Momentary instances of creative melodic techniques, like the sung/rapped melodic imitation from 2:10 to 2:15, showcase the Savage Patch Kidds’ compositional talent.

‘Savage Patch’ lasts two minutes and forty-six seconds and sits at 140bpm. The eclectic beat and powerful sub-bass drive the rhythmic intensity of the ominous melodic flow. The intense rap is matched by Ramona’s stylistic vocal color; check out 2:03 to 2:16. ‘Radio Silence’ lasts three minutes and forty seconds and sits at 112bpm. This track begins with a sound bite of a spoken word that is met with an effected backing vocal, smooth acoustic guitar, and an authentic vocal color that perfectly matches the tone of the instrumentation. The gradual inclusion of additional instrumental layers create a gentle build as the track progresses, without detracting from the stripped-back feel. ‘Tangible Love’ lasts three minutes and twenty-eight seconds and sits at 120bpm. The stand out feature in this track is definitely the impressive vocal layering that combines multiple harmonised layers of Ramona’s lead vocal, with kidd Chaos providing the perfect bass vocal accompaniment. kidd Chaos’ rap kicks in at 2:24 and creates just the right amount of diversification to make this track one that you’ll definitely want to repeat.

Fans of the Savage Patch Kidds, as well as those who appreciate new and creative music, will definitely want to hear this EP. Make sure you follow the Savage Patch Kidds on social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases and performances! - Woke Chimp


'1991' - EP, 2020 

'Alone' - Single, 2021 



Ramona Vogue and kidd Chaos are the heart and hype that make up The Savage Patch Kidds. The alt-pop duo are true triple threat artists and performers, joining forces from Toronto, Canada and Pittsburgh/Los Angeles, USA.  

The smooth moves of their individual professional dance careers are what fatefully united this North American yin and yang.  Having appeared on just about every stage and television network from Disney to HBO, Russia's St. Catherine’s Palace to NYC's Webster Hall, they have seen the highest highs and the lowest lows in their individual performing careers. Ramona and kidd had some pretty daunting life obstacles to overcome and it influences their personality as well as their art.  They may look cool as a polar bear’s toenails, but these two aren’t afraid of the grit and grime of the hustle - cracking mediocre jokes along the way.

Amassing 200k streams on their debut EP, 1991, SPK are currently being played on over 100 radio stations in North America, have sync licenses with 13 major US networks (Netflix, TLC, Discovery Channel, E! Network, NASCAR, and more), and most recently won the John Lennon Songwriting Competition since coming onto the scene in 2020. The Savage Patch Kidds are ready to shine.

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