Houston, Texas, USA
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Svn is a artist from Houston, Texas who style is great and ever advancing.


Svn (pronounced seven) formally and legally known as Jamie Hancock is an hip-hop artist from Houston, Texas. Born on April 15th, 1992 to James "J-me" Hancock & Kimberlye Johnson. Svn was the second oldest of five born to James (on his father side) and the oldest born to two to Kimberlye (on his mother side) . Coming from the Southeast side of Houston, Texas to be more specific Dead End, South Park. Svn was in the midst of everything that made Houston popular. For example lean, swangas and chopped & screwed to name a few. Svn was introduced to rap at an early age. His father was a local drug dealer with status, who used his money to invest in everything from a local barber shop to a record label. With his living room turned into a recording studio, at a young age Svn spent hours in front of the equipment. His father recalls memories of him grabbing the microphone and rapping random lyrics. In the year 1997 (hence where Svn names comes from combined with the spelling of his dad nickname "J-me")  his father was sent to the federal  penitentiary due to drug charges and sentenced to 10 years (end up only doing 8 years).. Svn confined in music, he first told his mother he wanted to rap in elementary. Giving her a paper of raps, she smiled and simply said ok. But his mother strictness didn't stop him from experiencing the things that made certain areas of houston popular. Being a creative child he placed his thoughts into different forms of art. First starting with sketching which developed into rap. He official started his rap career in 9th grade recording his first song over Aaliyah's "One In A Million" beat. Working with people like Slim Thug's nephew Young Von and other local rising Houston artist Svn, at this point he was known by Jamie Ariel Hancock, was creating a buzz for himself. In 12th grade he dropped his first complete project entitled "Robots7Lions" at this point he wasn't rapping about personal experience instead just rapping to become the most lyrical person from Houston. Later that year he recorded his first music videos "Kick It" & "Elevator Musiq" which both quickly shot up in numbers. Svn then connected with a friend and artist/producer by the name of Ace-T and signed to Ace-T's uncle's record label at the age of 19. Later leaving do to lack of progress. Within this time Svn & Ace-T made a song called "Millennium Falcon Music"  which he tweeted to Pharrell Williams and was followed by a reply of Pharrell telling him he liked his record and to keep it up. This caused him to meet with a rep from Interscope with-in weeks. A few weeks later Top Dawg Ent, CEO Top Dawg tweeted Svn and allowed him to perform in front of his home crowed opening up for Kendrick Lamar and the rest of Top Dawg Ent, due to a overwhelming request of his friends, family and fans tweeting him. After nothing panned out for Svn he decided to finally change his name to Svn officially in the year of 2014. In the winter while recording his mixtape "Sunday" he was invited to go to Los Angeles, California with a friend at the time who was in talks with Atlantic Records. With his finished mixtape in hand he moved to LA and began to set in session with his friend. He was given the opportunity to rap and after the A&R Shawn Barron and his business partner and A&R Gary Leon heard him they allowed him to record out of the studio whenever free time was available. While out in LA he dropped his mixtape "Sunday" and it started to gain buzz on the social media platform Soundcloud with his song "Drunk" reaching 20k plays in about a week. The mixtape had over 250k plays to date. Svn began to have meetings with Def Jam and a few with blogs such as HotNewHipHop. He went from sleeping in a car to moving in with his Aunt who stayed in Culver City in a Studio Apartment to sleeping on beaches to being allowed to move in with a friend who was a working actress and published author Denisha Hardeman. Working two jobs, sometimes having to walk to his first job which took a hour, going to his second job by uber then going to sessions whenever available it became to stressful and hard on Svn physically and mentally. Due to the hardships Svn moved back to his hometown Houston, Texas. With-in a week of being back he record his video for "Momma I"  Ft Tim Woods which premiered on HotNewHipHop. Preparing for this release of his follow up mixtape "Second Sunday". Svn doesn't sound like what Houston is known for, he still has the underlying Houston influence in his flow and delivery. Coming with his experience of coming from a drug dealing father, who went to jail for 8 years, to living in a single parent home trying to become a man. You can hear it all in his music.



Second Sunday