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SWAG is a group of 4 seasoned musicians that came together out of a desire to bring the fun back to rock n roll performances.Our motto is if anyone is sitting still at a SWAG show then we're just not working hard enough.We make sure all involved have a unforgettable time.


SWAG was formed in 2003 by a group of guys who cut their teeth in an era when music was filled with fun and over the top performance.All the bands members have over 20 years experience in the music world.They had each done the standard band thing but longed to bring back the days and performances of their idols. Acts such as KISS,Motley Crue,AC/DC etc.... all played a MAJOR role in shaping the boys. And SWAG proudly wheres it's influences on their sleeves.If you come to a SWAG show be prepared to move and sweat..

The boys play all over the tri state area.50 weekends a year,sometimes 2 or more shows a weekend.


SWAG has past releases and samples are streaming 24/7 on their myspace page.


they are currently working in the studio on their off time for a full length release due in 2009.

Set List

SWAG plays any and everything..Their bread and butter so to speak lies in the 80's/90's hard rock genre. But they play everything from old motown standards right through to current pop and rock hits..

They pride themselves on having one of the most versatile setlists going..SWAG can easily perform 2 nighters and not have to repeat a song..

And the boys LOVE taking requests..