swag city

swag city

 Dallas, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

2 ambitous and energetic rapper from dallas,Tx hungry for success.


Reginald Isaac jr. (born Aug. 10, 1988) better known as Young Skeeter, is a determined, up and coming rapper from oakcliff, TX. Born in Dallas, to Beverly Perkins and Reginald Isaac Sr., Reggie endured hardships resulting from his parents eventual separation. Middle school proved to be the turning point of Reggie struggle. Failing grades and skipping class and attending all lunch periods dampened his spirit, but his musical interests held him steadfast. Reggie was quite and anti-social around people he didn't know,always writing songs and performing them to his peers. This peaked Reggie passion to an all time high, and he began writing and recording numerous songs.

Reggie started high school at W. H Carter , but trouble led him to attend Duncanville High his sophomore year. While continuing to focus on his rap, by chance,when he finish school he ran across Christawn who also shared the same musical passions. Christawn also had his own studio. Where reggie jumped on the mic for the first time. . After achieving this feat, it became overwhelming obvious that music was by far his number one priority.After losing his job at Fedex He met Tony Miller As time passed they started getting vibe and began working on new music together.

Tony Miller , Jr (born Dec. 12, 1984) better known as Da FatMan, is a talented and laid back rapper from highland hills , TX. His parents, Cammye Humphrey and Tony Miller, Sr



Swag city(young skeeter and Da FatMan) released two singles
''Mizz jiffy'' and ''pills and weed'' 2011
young skeeter released two singles'' walk with a limp ft. J3''in 2010 and ''make dat booty roll ft.v. king'' year 2011

Set List

young skeeter: rapper
Da FatMan; Rapper