Swagga Ali

Swagga Ali

BandHip HopPop

My Music Is A Uptempo Type Of Music, I Bring A Slow & Steady Flow With Mind Freezing Word Play.


Swagga Ali Is The New Era Of Hip-Hop/Rap 10 yrs In The Game , In Still At Large.

Im Influnce By Any Music That Is Great.

Swagga Ali Grew Up In The Streets Of Detroit , Mich Living A Natural Hustlas Life And Always Was Ryming Since Day 1 , But By 1997 Swagga Ali Evolved In Begun To Make His Debut Album And Never Looked Back.


Tha Gangsta Within A Hustla Vol.1

The Smash Hit (On My Life) Is In DJ Pools In Tha U.S & Over Seas And It Is Also Feat. On The Mich Drunk Driving Awareness Compilation CD.