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A group conceived after an impromptu dance move caught on like wildfire in the Midwest club scene, the "Swagga Boyz" are destined to put Toledo, Ohio, on the hip-hop map. The foursome recently signed to Soul Chemistry Projects, run by Shawn Stockman, a member of Grammy-winning group, "Boyz II Men."



It all started with a dance. Country, a native of Mississippi, was "clownin’ in the club," as he recalls, in Toledo, Ohio, “mixed a little alcohol with a little personality and the ‘swagga’ came together.” The unique dance quickly caught on throughout the Ohio club scene, and soon captured the attention of hip-hop producer Mally Speaks, who offered to help create “The Swagga Song” to go along with the dance.

Mally and Country recruited a couple of other hot lyricists with incredible flow on the mic - namely Chief and Red – and the Swagga Boyz unit was complete. Red, described by his fellow group members as “the innovator,” creates many of the Swagga Boyz hooks and concepts; while Chief is considered "a phenom,” partially for his ability to memorize his rhymes without ever putting them on paper.

Armed with clever lyrics and bangin’ beats, the four entered the club scene, determined to build a buzz for their music and a name for themselves. “The crowd named us,” Chief recalls. After an especially rousing performance, fans shouted, “There go those swagga boyz.” The label stuck and the group now had a name.

Chief’s knack for remembering his rhymes is a skill he developed out of necessity while working at one of his day jobs. “I used to work at Budget Rent A Car,” Chief recalls. “I’d been cleaning cars and couldn’t use my hands to write my bars down, so I just wrote my verses in my head.”

Growing up in rural Mississippi, Country dreamed of becoming a professional athlete – music was simply never part of his game plan. He played basketball in junior high, and on little league teams in football and baseball. Then at age 13, Country’s mom relocated the family to Toledo, where his love of sports would be sidelined by what would become his passion to perform in another arena -- hip-hop.

“My whole plan as a child was to get up out of the hood and make it better than I had it,” Red reveals. He had a hoop dream at first, and although that fell through, Red graduated from college with a business degree. “If music doesn’t work, I’ll have something to fall back on,” he surmises. Red started writing poetry in elementary school and began rapping during his senior year in high school. “It was a natural move to put my poetry to beats.”

Despite its vibrant hip-hop scene, Toledo is a far cry from the music meccas of New York, Los Angeles, or Atlanta. The Swagga Boyz knew they faced an uphill battle to become contenders in the music industry. Though the geography made it harder to be heard, it also made them hungrier and more driven. “There’s a lot of hatin’ in our own city,” according to Red. “Toledo’s not too open to local artists, so if you can touch Toledo with your music, you’re doing well.” Chief adds, “I’ve always said I wanted to come out from my city. I’m trying to put Toledo on the map by living here and launching our music careers from here.”

Fortunately, the Swagga Boyz have some pretty big guns to help get them on the music industry map. Enter Shawn Stockman, of the Grammy-winning group, Boyz II Men. While in Toledo scouting new acts for his Soul Chemistry Projects imprint, Shawn watched the Swagga Boyz crash his talent showcase. During an intermission, the Swagga Boyz - who weren't scheduled to audition - just grabbed the mics and performed “The Swagga Song.” “What shocked the hell outta me was not only did everybody in the building know the song, but they also started doing the dance that went with it,” Shawn describes. “I was also impressed with how such a fledgling group performed like seasoned veterans.” Shawn immediately signed the Swagga Boyz to a production deal with Soul Chemistry Projects.

“We’ve got the soul, now Shawn brings the chemistry.” says Country. He points out that the Swagga Boyz sound is like no other. “We go in all directions -- from R&B, rapping, to slow songs or dance songs, to silly or serious life songs. There aren’t a lot of groups out there like us.” As Mally explains, “It’s music that makes you nod your head.” Red calls it real feel-good music. “We have fun on every track,” he insists. And as Chief notes, “everybody on the team is up to par, there are no slackers.”

The Swagga Boyz are a movement. Move with them – because they’re not stopping.


The Swagga Song

Written By: D. Brandon, R. Dowdy, L. Thornton, A. Turner

© 2006


What’s up, man
It’s your boy, Cuntry
King of that Swagga
This the Swagga anthem
I need all my sexy ladies to the dance floor
We got Pretty Boy Red
Mally Speaks
(Uh, huh)
Your boy, Cuntry
(Uh, huh)
We gonna do it real big one time
Just for the ladies
(Yeah, we here)
(Back and building, we back in the building)
Yeah, Mally, OK, let’s go
(Fac Team gangstas, holla at your boy)


It’s the “M-A” double “L-Y” to the Speaks
Young dude
Swagga real tough with the freaks
See shorty
Lean to the front
Then lean to the back
Your ass is mean in the front
Real big in the back
If you’re ugly, arriverderci
But if you a dime
Work the middle
Don’t hurt me
Mommy, chocolate like a Hershey
Big dude
Hit it once
I bet you I hurt she
She’s twerking
I’m in the club with Red or boo
Bobble head to the bar
Cop a hulk or two
Bartender, here’s a stack
Mix the red or blue
N----s talk
Guns sick
Watch it sneeze, aaaahchoo
Me and my team never lame, dawg
You havin’ trouble at the door
They wanna see ID
So I’m gonna keep spendin’ cheese
Till the crowd is gone
So everybody in this bitch
Get your Swagga on
(Fuck ‘em)

HOOK (@ 1:11)

North side in this bitch
Get your Swagga on
South side in this bitch
Get your Swagga on
And if the East in this bitch
Get your Swagga on
Now west side in this bitch
Get your Swagga on
Swagga …
(Let me see you)


Yo, my n----s don’t dance
We just pull up our pants
And Swagga
Rap’s black Mick Jagger
On rap Viagra
So I stay up
Haters stay down
You ain’t seen this many bars
Since the playground
I got my Swagga back
Got my limpin’ together
Got my pimpin’ on track
Betta get it together
I’m in a Chrysler
300 lean back
Rumor has it
This the hottest since lean back
She try and tell me she ain’t swallow
Then leaned back
Like .. what team do you rep
Yep, my team FAC
Yeah, it’s true, man
The boy is golden
I ain’t on my cell phone
When I said that, I’m holdin’
You see me, you see a line of women
Carhartt with the lining in it
So you can’t find what’s in it
Ice covering the thing with the time up in it
Club jump every time I’m in it

REPEAT HOOK (@ 2:21)


Cuntry boy
And I’m gonna get right to it
And if you can’t
Do the Swag
This is how you do it
It ain’t no gimmicks or no strategy to it
You just learn the basics
Then face it
And get right to it
On the dance floor
It’s just the beginning
Lean forward
Lean back
Point your shoulders
Pick your legs up with it
Don’t forget to shake your head with it
You can take a bitch to bed with it
Swag back and get some head with it
The Swagga shit dude is so oh my
This gone be the hottest shit since
I’m so fly
In Mississippi, they smoke so much fire
Then when you cross the state line
You might find
That you so, so high
In the club
N----s dress to impress
And all the ladies is
Dressed they best
With a drink at they chest
But me
I’m at the bar
And I’m sinnin’
Buy me a double shot of Henny
I like it straight
No rocks is in it
Like Tupac and Biggie
And you can call me a jersey
Cuz I’m so authentic
This ain’t the end
This is just the beginning
Cuz at the end
Your team is losing
And my team is winning


AD LIB (@ 4:07)

(Mally Speaks on the beat
You killed it on this one)



If you're flying Continental Airlines in September or October, be sure to check out the SWAGGA BOYZ club banger, "The Swagga Song." It's airing on the in-flight channel "Urban Flight Grooves."