Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

A solid rock and roll band with an energetic stage show, Swagger pulls in crowds with their great songs, excellent musicianship, and potent personality.


A 3-piece rock band from Middle Tennessee who wears their influences on their sleeves, Swagger succeeds in breathing fresh air into the lungs of an exhausted music scene by playing relatable rock and roll.

Their drive for perfection and constant search for soul allows them to lay down a solid groove that is both fresh and original. While they are well versed in all types of music, they have effectively become a sonic force that is unmistakably unique.

With a rapidly growing fan base, good music and an attention-grabbing stage performance, Swagger makes sure that people will stay for that one extra drink at the end of the night. As an unapologetically ambitious band with a thirst for great music that moves people, they bring 'em in the door and keep 'em there.


EP Coming Soon!

Set List

Swagger can do a variety of set lengths, having over 2 hours worth of music.
Sets are derived from a list of original and cover songs.

Sample Set List:

Everything (Swagger)
Good Love is on the way (John Mayer)
I'm Ready (Swagger)
Firebreather (Swagger)
Riding on a Pony (Free)
Middle of the Road (The Pretenders)
Stranger (Swagger)
Sunday Morning (Swagger)
Breathe In, Breathe Out (Swagger)
Drink it Good (Swagger)
Mr. Big (Free)
Second Hand Love (Swagger)
Underneath the Light (Swagger)