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"Swagger Album Release Party May 2nd"


Swagger is a young rock band that will have a breakout year in 2009. The band worked most of last year with John Custer to produce 8 expansive tracks that rock with a soothing southern fried familiarity that's respectful of it's roots. And roots are something Swagger isn't shy about celebrating. Jimmy Page and the Crowe's Robinson brothers would be proud to hear the passionate grooves across every track. Swagger isn't copying anyting though, the music's sound isn't an imitation of something before, it is a product that sounds like NC and of the moment. The disc is full of whining feedback, chord changes, and a driving rhythm section with just enough twang in singer Dallas Perry's voice to be unapologetically southern. - David Millsap, NewRaleigh.com

"Guitars drive Swagger's groove"


While coming of age in Smithville during the '90s, David Arnn never connected with grunge. The guitarist ignored nu metal.

Arnn fell for Southern and classic rock as a child and never let go. The Jimmy Page acolyte stayed loyal to Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

"I always loved that style of music," Arnn says by phone. "That style of music always moved me. When grunge came around, I still listened to bands I grew up with."

Well, it's not surprising that Arnn's band, Swagger, crafts visceral Southern rock. The guitar-driven tunes, which feature tasteful solos by Arnn, sound like the soundtrack to the '70s.

"We're all moved by that style of music," Arnn says. "When we make music, it's not surprising what comes out."

Swagger, which also includes vocalist Dallas Perry, guitarist Aaron Wiig, bassist Brian 'BT' Torrence and drummer Dal Stephenson, will showcase tracks from its eponymous debut at the band's record release party Saturday at the Dive Bar.

"It's our big show in Raleigh," Arnn says. "We get to show people what we've been up to."

Swagger formed two years ago and hopes to tour coast to coast behind the album. "It would be great to see what the whole country thinks," Arnn says

The tracks range from the smoldering "Mourning Train," which recalls Skynyrd, to the poignant, optimistic "Always Be Shining," which is reminiscent of the Black Crowes.

"My 9-year old daughter, Audrey, wrote the chorus to 'Always Be Shining,'" Arnn says. "The song's a pretty one, which is a nice complement to our harder-rocking songs. We have some range, but then again so did the bands I grew up with. There aren't a lot of newer bands that have that range."

Speaking of range, Perry, who has an impressive set of pipes, can hit a variety of notes. "Dallas was the missing link for this band. He has the voice and the stage presence. He's everything we wanted in a frontman. He goes up there and he has the guitars behind him."

Arnn believes that his six-stringed instrument is about to be back in vogue. "I see guitars coming back," he says. "Kids are really into them. I think a lot of it has to do with 'Guitar Hero.' But it doesn't matter if guitars are hot right now or not. No matter what the trend, we would be out there playing our guitars and making the music that we're most excited about."

- Raleigh News and Observer May 1, 2009

"Wildy's World Swagger Album Review"


Raleigh, North Carolina’s Swagger takes the stage with their self-titled debut. Purveyors of Rock N Roll with its roots firmly planted in classic and southern rock, Swagger keeps things fresh with a modern edge, a sense of irrepressible energy and a vocalist with the charisma to lead a big time rock band. Swagger firmly believes that Rock N Roll exists to help you forget your troubles, and there’s nothing but a good time to be had on their CD.

Swagger opens with Running Wild, a guitar-driven rocker reminiscent of Billy Squier or The Black Crowes full of great hooks. Vocalist Dallas Perry (what a Rock N Roll name…) has a wonderfully dynamic Rock N Roll voice that will grab your attention.. Mourning Train hits all the right notes for fans of Southern Rock, and the guitar work is superb. Always Be Shining renews the comparisons to The Black Crowes on a strong rock love song. Roadrunner is the highlight of the album; it's not a song that I would expect much from on commercial radio but a definite concert staple. Swagger closes out with Bella, which can only be described as southern hillbilly rock. It's a great closer for Swagger, and a close second to Roadrunner for best song on the album. Also be certain to check out Susanne, Youngblood and She Is Love.
Swagger has it. Swagger hearkens back to a time when Rock N Roll was fun to play and fun to listen to. Swagger is an extremely solid debut album worth spending some time and money on.
- Wildy's World


Songs on the self-titled Swagger LP released in Jan 2009 on Swagger owned Grab' em Records:
Running Wild
Mourning Train
Always Be Shining

Songs to be considered for release on the second full length Swagger LP sometime in late 2009 / early 2010:

My Radio
Fade Away
The Honeymoon is Over
If You Don't Like It
Close the Door
Gypsy Wind
Wonder Why
Drinking Man's Curse
Brand New Morning
Mate of Mine
Tell Me
Get Up and Go
Straight Pipes
What Cha Made Of
Patrick Ewing



Swagger loves to perform live music and has built a reputation over the past 2 years as a stellar live band. Swagger is professional, reliable, experienced, and travels with pro gear. Swagger has one goal: to perform great music that draws on life experience and the human condition while connecting with the listener.

Swagger believes in making songs about the good, positive things in everyday life along with the occasional, obligatory song about love and heartbreak…but what you will NOT hear from Swagger are negative lyrics about depression, throwing in the towel, angst, anger, etc because let’s face it…life’s too short to “wallow in the mire”. Swagger wants their fans to have a good time and forget about their problems, not to be reminded of them.

Before Swagger, the members played with a number of groups cutting their teeth while refining their individual styles. The band Swagger materialized when Dave called buddies Aaron and BT to tell them he had been playing with this incredible singer. Dave wanted to bring him into some of the jams that had been ongoing with Aaron and BTl. The band was set but a distinctive voice was needed. The missing link, Dallas Perry, sings with a force rarely seen in the flesh. After the first rehearsal they knew it was worth the effort to focus on writing songs and honing their sound as a unit.

Swagger recently released their first 8 song EP in January 2009 on Swagger-owned Grab' em Records and is excited to promote the album with their impressive live performances. The album was produced, engineered, and mixed by Grammy-nominated producer John Custer (Corrosion of Conformity, Cry of Love, DAG). The album is available on iTunes via Deep South Digital distribution. Swagger currently is preparing to record their next full length LP scheduled for early-mid 2010...and the band continues to write songs at an impressive pace. One of the distinctive capabilities of Swagger is that they work well in different musical environments. They can pull off face-melting guitar anthems one song then make folks cry with a sad love song and end with a straight up party song about the good times.

Based in Raleigh, Swagger currently plays shows across the the Triangle and is expanding to include the Southeast and beyond. They travel to new places and change the environment. Swagger can turn a quiet evening into a rockin' good time with ease after rolling into town.