BandHip HopR&B

Our rap game is different than what your hear today we switch it up and never come back at you with the same stuff. Remixing and actually putting good lyrics to great beats is what we do and by doing this we are bringing in a new era.


The two members of the band are T. Fresh, Virginia, and Kev, Bundle$, Lousiana. What they do on the mic is unlike anything you have ever heard. The underground hip-hop game has no clue what is about to happen. T.Fresh & Kev. first met on YouTube where they started to start an idea to make a mixtape, and from that idea on, they began to build. They mix it up, never the same thing twice. They interact with the fans and make music, not only that the fans want to hear, but what they enjoy also. They don't really care what other people do, they tell the story of what is going on in their life at that moment and that's that.


Diamonds in the Rough LP - (c. 2010)

Set List

Light Up - T. Fresh

I'm So Raw - T. Fresh

WTF - T. Fresh

& Many More under recording.

(Custom songs are availible for parties and shows)

All shows must have a stage set up and tear down and amps, mics, and anything else the user would want used.