Frederick, Maryland, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

SwAGG!T is an inspiring, indie-rap duo that aims to attract BONA FIDE hip-hop enthusiasts that value an exceptionally produced product derived from mentally stimulating lyrical content and beats that create an authentic bond.


SwAGG!T is an upcoming indie-rap duo, that consist of two brothers who collaborate to achieve all of their hopes and dreams. Brandon and Khary Ricks are the ‘dreamers’, originally from Chattanooga, TN (by way of Frederick, MD). Although their primary musical genre is Rap and Hip-Hop, the duo has conquered Jazz in their newest mixtape, “Feel The Dreams”. This duo has evolved immensely since emerging into the music industry, just four years ago. Their first mixtape, “The Wake Up” was a personal success, as it motivated the duo to start their own music style. “Dream Rap” is a twist on the traditional style of rap and hip-hop combining “chill” beats, which are relaxing, slow tempo instrumentals with a mellow rapping style (to give the product a “dreamy” feeling). Furthermore, the duo’s lyrics project many metaphoric relations to achieving individual goals and dreams. SwAGG!T’s inspiring lyrical style and groovy beats maintain their current fan base, as well as attract more “dreamers”!


Mixtapes: The Wake Up (2009)
Feel The Dreams (2010)
Hawaiian Airlines (2011)
Mackavelli (2012)
From The Basement (2012)

Album: Freshman Year (2010)