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Denver, Colorado, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
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"Crowd Review for "Beltane""

This is the group of music fans and consumers who have listened to the track online and left their track rating and written review. They do not know they are conducting market research when they hear the track, which helps to achieve honest and objective responses.
“Guitar with the light drum taps sounds really good and makes a mysterious intro. I think the vocalist came in a little too early and should have waited. The tempo is a nice, but the vocalist seems to be speaking a little too soft. The song fits well with warfare.”
“An intriguing start with the beats and the guitar keeping you waiting until the lyrics kick in. Certainly different but that is not a bad thing. The song accelerates and kicks in as it progresses towards the chorus. There is always an increase in impetus once you hear the lyrics "today is a good day to die" Decent stuff!”
“Wow! I have to say that I was overly impressed here with this artist! This was awesome! I loved the vibes and sounds from the guitars here! He has an amazing vocal tone as well! Loved all of this song! Way to go dude! Awesome screaming too!!!!”
“like the nice intro com,ing in to the song , guitar sounds thrilling and makes you get pumped up for something. nice bass and drum instruments. The vocalist sounds low, but has a particular voice. I absolutely love the instruments in the track, sounds absolutely sinful and angry, which works for the song. the lyrics are a tad depressing but it works for this genre. Vocals just need to be higher.”
“I actually like this song. The words are great and the music is different from other bands. Reminds me of older music that I grew up to. The song is a mixture of different types of music. Some alternative and some harder rock.”
?“The intro is very soft, almost unoticeable..the base beat comes in at a nice moment, slides right in..the lyrics are a bit depressing but the music itself is something I can listen to. if the lyrics were not a part of the song, I would consider keeping the track. The lyrics are very in your face, a combination of rock and metal and grunge. I like the beat, the guitar..just not the lyrics.”
“this song has a boogie like starting with the distorted guitar and the hi hat rhythm. The opening is a little prolonged and it takes almost thirty seconds for the lyrics to start even though it feels much longer. The singer is more talking then singing. The song is slow and feels like it is going no where. Overall this song is not that great. Poorly produced, Bad lyrics, And a lack of musical skill.”
“A rocky introduction to this song. I like the beat and the lead vocalist has good tones to his voice. The beat and music do overshadow the vocalist at times. Once the song gets going I did not really enjoy the theme of the song or how the vocalist uses his voice. What started out as a listenable song turned quickly into a song I would not listen to again unfortunately. I did not like this song at all once it got going”
“Wow. I like how this song starts- its weird and different. I really like it. The singer has a brilliant voice. I like how its kind soft to start with then really picks up. I love the guitarist part in it and how it brings the song alive!!”
“The song starts out slow but the guitar makes it seem so good. The little rattling noise at the beginning sounds great. The drums are played like a professional would, and there aren't any mistakes made there. The lyrics are a little depressing and the plugged guitar is a little over the top. The vocalist does an amazing job portraying the story of the song and he unleashes his voice and holds back at the appropriate times. The guitar does so good, and it makes the song unlike no other rock song. The language in some parts of the song are a little offensive, but at the same time it was needed to add to the song. The lyrics are crazy and this song would do great in the harder rock industry. If the song went for a more metal sound, it would have sounded a little better. The way the vocalist holds his screams that long adds to the song in many ways. His pitch is great and the guitar solo should have went unaccompanied at a couple parts. The screams are great and the lyrics are just vivid and straight forward. The vocalist does great transitions between singing and howling and does it seamlessly. The guitar and drums are so phenomenal and aren't easy to duplicate. HE goes all out and the song will do great. However the song should have ended around 6:30 instead of dropping out and then picking back up into the song. The song is a little too long and should be cut down by at least two minutes minimum.”
“strong balanced intro. "today is a good day" the lyrics are filled with possible metaphors however the vocalist upper register is not as menacing as what needs to present to accomplish the point. even when the vocalist goes into his outside, metal voice there needs to be more personality and I don&#3 - www.reverbnation.com

"Swami-Inertia Review"

Swami-Inertia Review
Posted on Dec 24, 2011 at 06:05 AM (Last Modified: Dec 24, 2011 at 06:06 AM)
Swami - Inertia
I'm a big fan of heavy metal, and hard rock. This is Swami's first CD, Inertia, and I thought it was going to be the same old heavy metal sound, but I was impressed that Swami has mastered their own unique style which they call psychedelic, organic, heavy metal. It's really a combination of complex melodies, intertwined with hard driving rock/metal and some of the best vocals for this genre (sultry and sexy singing, cold hard screaming, and deep growling). The band is Garth Waddups, vocals, Justin Jones on drums, Jeff Enger on guitar, and Dennis Heavy Perry on bass.
The CD contains five original songs. All containing music and lyrics that make you ponder the full meaning behind each song as you listen to them.
The first song, and my favorite of the CD, “Beltane” (which is Gaelic for the month of May, the last of the three spring fertility festivals) is a dark and haunting song with unforgettable lyrics “feels like blood dripping down my face, so black in the moonlight, take the sickness from my guts, chew it up and swallow” with a melody and chorus that you won't be able to stop from repeating over and over in your head, “ get out of my head, you are not welcome here, get out of my head, it's time to die!!”.
“Beautiful Mess” is a riveting song reflecting the pain of the personal experience of growing up watching the life of a heroin addict, and the “undying hours when demons co-exist”, until the end of days.
“Hero” a more melancholy song about how you never live up to what your hero in your life is and/or you will never be the hero other people want you to be
“Double 06 (006)” questions the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in all of us. How we struggle each day whether to answer to the good in us as Dr. Jekyll, or do we let the wild, untamed, Mr. Hyde take control over our every day uninspired lives and live up to what ever potential we are capable of. It's a question of the ages, good versus evil, and which will prevail.
“The Hallways of the Always (free Charlie)” is a song dedicated to Charlie Manson. I think that sums it all up with no further explanation needed.
Swami's music wakes you up and brings forth some things you've hidden in your life, experiences you and everyone has suffered or struggled through, and at times leaves a trail of tears.
All I can say is the music and lyrics are smooth, melodic, mesmerizing, and hard edged at the same time. The songs get inside of your head, and stay with you from the day and into the night. I find myself singing the chorus to the songs even when the music isn't playing, and of course, head banging along too. This is one of the best CDs of this genre of 2011.
Buy it here: http://cdbaby.com/cd/swami1 [less]
- Rock On Colorado-Shirly Wheeler


EP-Inertia - Beltane, Beautiful Mess, Hero, 006, & Hallways of the Always.., available on ITunes and CD Baby.com



Denver is our center point for creating the sights & sounds that make up of the band SWAMI. We have one release thus far called "INERTIA". It is a five song EP that covers a lot of ground. We are constantly trying to raise the bar & push ourselves in what we are creating. We want to incorporate sights with the sounds & are hoping to be able to do more as we go along this path to our Swami experience. We want to bring something real, & powerful, something the real people can identify with in a huge way. We want them to feel or experience what we feel through our music. SWAMI is a Spiritual Awakening for us and those around us, and we want to share our experience with the masses. SWAMI

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