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...the next generation of original hip hop, a strange blend of mad science lyricism and slack-pack consciousness on top of unfiltered D.I.Y homebrewed beats.


Maryland based hip hop musican/artist Navid 'Navi' Azeez has been cooking his strange blend of mad science lyricism and DIY homebrew beats for over eight years. In the past he’s produced and recorded songs under the name 'Myf' for such websites as Overclocked Remix, Rhyme Torrents and OurStage. His sound is heavily influenced by East Coast hip hop but he draws on many genres and styles to flavor the brew. His laboratory setup includes dual-wielded sharpie graffitied MIDI controllers), a Technics 1200 turntable, guitars, a battered Shure 58 mic, and the unlimited capabilities of FLStudio.

In 2006, Grammar Club artist Shael Riley introduced Navi to the Rhyme Torrents website just in time for two songs of his to appear on Rhyme Torrents Volume II. He continued to release material on the Rhyme Torrents bill, solo and through the RT-spawned online hip hop group Metamystiks Incorporated (along with rapper SDX and producer DJ Snyder). In 2007, the group released their first (and only) album Children of the Sword. That year, their track ‘Waste Management’ was featured on’s Best of Hip Hop Vol. 1. In the summer of 2008, he traveled to Florida to perform at Nerdapalooza alongside artists such MC Frontalot, Schaffer The Darklord, and Wordburglar. During this festival, he gained notoriety for his extended freestyle sessions, often continuing rhyming well into the next morning.

In 2009, Navi began booking shows in venues around the DC Metropolitan area, playing on the same bill as musicians such as The Mighty Heard, Bomani Armah, and Flex Mathews. Performing with a rotation of artists, including guitarists, drummers, and DC DMC champion DJ As One, Navi began gaining a reputation for his unique sound and energetic live shows. In late 2009, along with fellow producer Oscar Martinez and Michael O’Brien of The New Retro, he formed Sleeper Cell Productions - an industry-wise production team dedicated to organizing and promoting shows across a wide range of the artistic spectrum. In 2009, he also released the free prelude mixtape The Grayscale Trailer, which was described by the popular music blog Hipster Please as ‘a wise investment of your time and bandwidth.’

This year has already seen the release of Navi’s debut album Grayscale, along with the accompanying, ongoing remix/b-side project Beyond Grayscale. In addition to producing most of the album, he is also responsible for the album and merchandise artwork. In March, Navi performed alongside The New Retro and DC-based hip hop artist Watusi in front of a sold out crowd at the Sleeper Cell-produced Grayscale Album Release Party at the Velvet Lounge. In September 2010, he released his second major release "Lo Fi Muey Thai' to critical acclaim, both locally and online. He plans to play larger and more diverse venues around the DC area in the near future.


The Grayscale Trailer Mixtape (2009)
Grayscale (2010)
Beyond Grayscale (2010)
@Velvet (2010)
Lo Fi Muey Thai (2010)

Set List

Typical Set: ~30 min

Typical Setlist

Monsoon Season
Cookin With Fire
Don't Call Me (Jam)
This Room