Swamp Cabbage

Swamp Cabbage

 Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
BandAlternativeBlues Rock

Jacksonville, FL native Walter Parks formed Swamp Cabbage in 2002 while playing with Richie Havens. With three studio recordings under their belt, their upcoming release "Jive" is their most upbeat jam/roots vibe with their trademark humorous lyrical twist of Parks' southern roots.


Swamp Cabbage is the stewed heart of a Florida Sabal palm tree. Chosen as a band name to remind listeners of its Northeast Florida well source of inspiration, Swamp Cabbage presents one of the most unique duos on the trail today. Walter Parks (longtime sideman to Woodstock legend Richie Havens) on gnarly fingerpicked electric guitar and New Orleans style drummer Jagoda. Florida's Swamp Cabbage is a high-energy southern soundtrack that is soaked in the grease drippings of Mississippi blues, Memphis soul, Louisiana jazz and even Appalachia.

 Swamp Cabbage is about to release their newest CD, JIVE, and their original music can be heard on the Discovery reality show American Guns credits, BeerDiaries.tv credits and on My Big Redneck Wedding, Man Vs. Food, Emeril Green, Extreme Pig Outs, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Roadtrip Nation (PBS), Samantha Brown Passport, Amazing Wedding Cakes and Chasing Classic Cars.

For tour dates and further information: www.swampcabbage.com



Written By: Walter Parks

Down in Tallahassee
They got all they need
Bobby Bowden’s Seminoles
Yards of chicken feed

South of Alabama
Ninety miles from nowhere
Anyone’ll do ya
Hallelujah Hallelujah

Six foot alligator
Messin’ with my mind
Underneath the Airstream
Down there all the time

He don’t keep me company
Not the way that you do
Tallahassee Voodoo
Hallelujah Hallelujah

So when its time to leave the city
The beggars and the pimps
Come to these palmettos
Some people pay for this

We’ll always have Manhattan
To take an airplane to
Tallahassee Voodoo
Hallelujah Hallelujah

The Lid

Written By: Walter Parks

She says she never leave the neighborhood
But she dressin’ like she goin’ to Hollywood
(I'm not talkin' 'bout Hollywood Florida
If you shake it all night keep the lid on tight

I got suspicious by the smell of her hair
How did old spice end up way down there?
If you shake it all night keep the lid on tight.

Saints alive.
Gettin out of Cackeelackee
Goin back to New Orleans

Just like that mason jar at Grandma’s house
If you wanna keep your jelly fresh you gotta.
You gotta keep the fungus out
If you shake it all night keep the lid on tight.
If you shake it all night keep the lid on tight.
If you shake it all night keep the lid on tight.

More Booty With Buddha

Written By: Walter Parks

I likes to drive to my Lord this way
In my powder blue Lincoln every Sunday
I got my patent leather shoes I’m hard to miss
I want the whole congregation to see me like this

There’s a traffic signal near the black light shop
I see a beautiful hippie she sees me stop
She wearin’ go-go boots and a cowboy hat
She got a sheer sun dress between all that

I must say I’m surprised
Cause it seems she like me by the look in her eyes
I pull off to let her in
Lawd I’ve let you down again

She got a Georgia accent that’s really cute
Its got me poppin’ through my leisure suit
I say let’s keep ridin’ down to Sunday Service
She says bible thumpin’ just makes her nervous

Cause she follow the Buddha, not Jesus Christ
She says Buddha’s been better for her love life
She don’t want no Savior bringin’ her down
She gets more booty when Buddha’s around

Well now Buddha might be all well and good
But that dog don’t hunt in my neighborhood
Jesus stayed busy so He’s the one
Buddha’s too chill to get things done

You know I like my Saviors white and lean
Buddha’s too chunky if you know what I mean
She said Buddha’d look good starin’ back at you
Stuck to your dash with super glue

We head for the boonie’s where alone she lived
In a solar paneled teepee way off the grid
She invites me in for a thank you smoothie
Lawd she’s temptin’ me heavy duty

There were golden Buddhas left and right
When she load the hookah I saw the light
I’m gonna keep my Savior but pound for pound
I’ll get more booty when Buddha’s around

If a Thing Feels Right

Written By: Walter Parks

If a thing feels right just do it
Ya don’t wanna mess around
Just set your mind down to it
You got to stand your ground
You know it don’t take imagination
To know what’s right for you
So if a thing feels right just do it
Do what you gotta do

If a song sounds good just sing it
For all the world to hear
If you don’t know the words just wing it
What you got to fear?
You know it don’t take concentration
And you don’t have to sing in key
So if a song sounds good just sing it
Sing it loud for me

Lightnin’ strikin’ fish are bitin’
But I’m thinkin’ all about my baby
Lightnin’ strikin’ fish are bitin’
But I’m thinkin’ all about my baby

If a shot looks good just take it
You know it might not come again
You can bend the rule but don’t break it
You know you got to now and then
Don’t be hesitatin’
You gotta do it all the way
If a thing feels right just do it
Do it all damn day


HONK (2004)
SQUEAL (2008)
Live in NYC (2010)
Tribute to JJ Cale Vol 1 & 2 (2010)
Drum Roll Please (2012)
JIVE (2016)