Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Swampbird is a folk-rock five piece out of Little Rock, AR. They plan to release their latest EP in early 2015/


Swampbird is a foot-stomping folk-rock five piece out of Little Rock, Arkansas. After starting off in the living room of a college apartment, they’ve spent spent the past 3 years building their sound and their fan base with countless live shows. From wall-smashing house shows to premiere music clubs, these guys have spread their brand of whiskey-spilling, youthful rock’n'roll all over the midsouth.

Swampbird recorded On Being Alone in an old shotgun house on Magazine St. in New Orleans. The album was released in May of 2013 on Bear America Records to great reviews; music writer Shea Stewart describes Swampbird as, “Some dreamy psychedelic rock.  A touch of freewheeling roots and earthy country,” and says that the record “doesn’t contain a single weak moment.”

Since that release, they have worked tirelessly to develop new material that captures their growth as a band as well as their commitment to raw, energetic performance and are currently working on an album to be released fall of 2014

They are very excited to return to Harvest Festival for their second appearance on Mulberry Mountain.