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Austin, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Austin, TX | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop




"Swamp G - White Claw: Putting the Fire Back into Trap"

Swamp G Is the up and coming artist putting the fire back into the Trap genre. His latest single “White Claw” which dropped on November 19th as part of the “Komodo” EP is the perfect introduction to the Austin, Texas-based artist’s stylishly orchestrated sound.

The level of harmony which sits behind the rattle snare and kicks is bordering on ethereal. Yet the harmony lies in perfect contrast to the unapologetically unrestrained lyrics behind White Claw. With the fluidity of his flow, and the intricacy in the meter and rhyme in the lyrics it’s all too easy to slip into White Claw which has been masterfully produced by DeCicco Beats.

You can check out Swamp G’s latest single White Claw for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast - A&R Factory

"Swamp G - Swamp Story 3 (Mixtape)"

All praise to Baby Chino who had shared this tape by Swamp G titled “Swamp Story 3” at the top of the morning yesterday that caught my attention to hear the tape which I fucked with heavy and needed to have it on the site for our followers today. The tape comes with 8 track that have an aersnal of production from beatmakers like z++, Synchro, .dante, Sixzin, Too Raw ENT, JkihhtBeats & Swamp G himself that really put this tape on a whole new level including features from Chunga & Young Kamasutra who all bought that fire in with the verses that match so well with Swamp G ability to light up a tracks which is exactly what he did here. If you haven’t had a chance to peep the tape be sure to do so down below and show it much love. (Salute) - Wavez Movement




  • Diamond All the Way (with Yung Dylan as Shonen Swamp)
  • Swamp Tar
  • Florida or Texas (featuring Chunga)
  • Morning
  • Think I'm in Love (with Kamas and Yung Dylan as Condo Boys)
  • Swamp Tar II
  • Beamer (featuring Qmaine OTCG, Yung Dylan, and Sexual David)
  • Topman
  • Feeny
  • Swamp Girl II
  • Bands (with Yung Dylan, Kamas, and Breeshy as Condo Boys)
  • Megazord (with Yung Dylan as Shonen Swamp featuring Mack G)
  • Christmas in the Condo (with Yung Dylan as Shonen Swamp)
  • Megazord Remix (with Yung Dylan as Shonen Swamp featuring Ugly God)


  • Swamp Story



  • Throw That Ass (In the Condo) [featuring Leo Sinclair]
  • Selena
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Outlaw Shit
  • Texas
  • Notification
  • Gimme That Grip (featuring Derateo)
  • Young Buck
  • Mud Holes
  • Pretty Boy Problems (with Leo Sinclair)
  • Automatic Systematic
  • Mystery Box
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Swamp G
  • Speed Racer
  • Body Count
  • Snack
  • Backpack
  • Take My Breath Away
  • R.I.P. (featuring Chunga)
  • Swamp God
  • Guard Down
  • 51 Savage
  • Free Littlu Door
  • Mad Scientist
  • Suck My Dick Hoe (Remix) #TYBG
  • Christmas Bitch
  • Owen Wilson


  • Based & Confused
  • Swamp Story 2
  • SwampGash (collaboration with gotgash)
  • Rejuvenate (collaboration with Leo Sinclair)
  • I Got Bitches in Space, So What?



  • Commando (featuring Chunga)
  • Swamp G on the Beat
  • Hundreds (featuring Lil Orlando World)
  • Miss America
  • Young Chop (All I Got)
  • 24
  • I'm Jim Morrison
  • So Strange (with Yung Dylan as Shonen Swamp)
  • Caution!
  • I Can't See Nothing (with Kamas)
  • Bitch It's Christmas
  • Barq's (featuring Fat E)


  • Rejuvenate II (collaboration with Leo Sinclair)
  • SwampGator Part I (collaboration with yunggator)
  • Ogre Boy
  • I Still Got Bitches in Space, and I Still Don't Give a Fuck
  • SXSG
  • Swamp Story 3
  • SwampGash 2 (collaboration with gotgash)
  • Komodo



  • Run It (with Kamas)
  • Rancho Cucamonga
  • For Me (collaboration with 2decs and yunggator)
  • Everglade Fade (Remix) [featuring Lil B and Rishaddd]
  • Yoshimitsu 2019
  • Yerba Mate (feat. 33 Life)
  • Get Down (collaboration with 2decs and yunggator)
  • Bumblebee Tuna
  • Lumbridge (with Yung Dylan as Shonen Swamp)
  • Bovine Joni (with Kamas and Yung Dylan as Condo Boys)
  • Cerulean Centipede


  • Rejuvenate III (collaboration with Leo Sinclair)
  • Swamp Story 4
  • 25
  • Automatic // Forgiato (collaboration with Kamas)
  • Condo Jag Tha Mixtape (collaboration with 2decs, yunggator, and gotgash)
  • Dragon Armor (collaboration with Kamas)
  • Honey Swamp



Swamp G is a hip-hop artist from Austin, Texas. He is the co-founder and member of Condo Boys Entertainment (CBE), Yaki Mob, and Shonen Swamp.

Swamp began making music in 2011 on his iPhone in GarageBand. With Kamas, he formed Yaki Mob in 2013, after which he began releasing singles on SoundCloud, growing a small but dedicated fanbase. Three years later, in 2016, Swamp released his breakout Swamp Story mixtape, garnering many new fans because of its lighthearted, genuine, and relatable themes. The same year, Swamp joined forces with longtime friend Yung Dylan and began releasing music as the duo Shonen Swamp. Eventually, Yaki Mob and Shonen Swamp became united under the CBE collective, formed the same year.

Swamp greatly increased his fanbase and level of recognition beginning in December 2016, when Shonen Swamp released the breakout song "Megazord (Remix)" with a feature from Ugly God. He followed up on this success by releasing several more mixtapes, EPs, and albums in the following years, including Based & Confused, Swamp Story 2, Ogre Boy, and Swamp Story 3.

By March 2019, Swamp was able to work with his favorite artist and biggest inspiration, Lil B "The BasedGod", on their collaboration "Everglade Fade (Remix)" produced by CBE affiliate Rishaddd. The single is included on Swamp's latest full-length album, Swamp Story 4.

Fans enjoy the eccentric, energetic, and positive vibes combined with clever wordplay and technical ability exhibited by Swamp's songs. Never afraid of just being himself, he breathes a breath of fresh air into the stagnant, post-SoundCloud hip-hop scene.

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