Swamp House

Swamp House


Swamp House is music that comes from an emotional and honest place. With influences ranging broadly from The Beatles to The Bad Brains to Ween, songwriter and musician Leland Karlton chooses to focus on the artistic process of making music which creates something melodic and original.


Swamp House features songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Leland Karlton who currently lives in Los Angeles. Influences range diversely between Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Black Flag, and much more. The debut Swamp House album "Praising Firemen By Roasting Pigs" was self-released on Smokey Records in April 04 and is unique and melodic. An incredible video for the song "Caine" was filmed by IVisualeyes Films and can now be viewed at www.swamphousemusic.com This music is original, melodic, and truly has a sound of it's own!


Red Ants

Written By: Leland Karlton

Red Ants are marching in,
and I don't know where to begin,
and if you wonder where they're coming from...
They've always been!

Red Ants have crept
into skin,
to build their tunnels for
their greed to slide in,
the more they hollow you...
They're coming in!

Ants and Cattle are the same as one...
They dig for gluttony
and reddened fun...

Ants falling on open heads,
to make the people forget that they're out of beds,
and if you wonder why we've let this been...
Conformist Gin


Written By: Leland Karlton

It was a park,
now it's a rush'in.
It was a spark,
now it's a flush'in.
It was beautiful,
until explosions,
that went on and on and on
into corruption.

They fucked your heart,
now you're adjusting.
They stole your part,
now you're a rusting.
It was beautiful until they bust in,
and put you on and on and on into corruption.
It was beautiful until corruption.

Safety Zone

Written By: Leland Karlton

Some girls pretend they need you,
if you can give them what they want!
Some men might come to bleed you,
unless you give them what they want!
Some towns don't want to keep you,
unless you give them what they want!
Because all they want is money,
it's all they really want!

All they want is money,
it's all they really want!!!
Learn to love the system,
give them what they want!!!
Do it for your image,
forget what's in your heart!!!

Selling away into the safety zone.
Falling away into the safety zone.
Going away into the safety zone.
Dieing away into the safety zone!!!


Swamp House:
"Praising Firemen By Roasting Pigs" LP 2004
Leland Karlton:
"Britches" EP Produced by Peter DiStefano 2003
"Scratch Your Poisoned Skin" LP 1999
Swamp House has been played frequently at Kill Radio internet radio station, Los Angeles, CA.

Set List

The typical set time is 45 minutes. Songs range from "Golden Sand", "The Kurrents", "Dark Queen", "Caine", "Safety Zone", "Red Ants", "Sweetened Poison", "Yellow Ribbon" etc. Some previous covers have included Neil Young's "The Needle And The Damage Done" as well as Leonard Cohen's "There is A War".