Swamp Jeuce

Swamp Jeuce


Swamp Jeuce is a three piece rock band that has performed together for nine years. Many describe us as a new genre "Home Grown Metal" our unique sound is described as Black Sabbath, Black Label Society & Lynyrd Skynrd mixed into a pot and what pours out is "Swamp Jeuce"


Swamp Jeuce openend for: STAIND, THREE DAYS GRACE, BLACK STONE CHERRY & EVANS BLUE in September '06 at WAMX 106.3's X-FEST in Huntington WV. We recieved 3 front page news articles in 2006 for appearing at X-Fest. One article described us as Meigs County Based Monsters of Local Rock.
Swamp Jeuce also opened for SEVEN MARY THREE in December '06.
Our Gig's have taken us to West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana & Ohio. And we are looking into getting shows in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and more. We are doing this on our own and with help from a couple of friends in other states but we are motivated toward getting our music heard and we wont stop till we have hit every state we can and get our music to the masses.


1. "The Peachfork Session" was released in July 2006. We recieved airplay on track 1 "How Low" track 6 "Wishing Well" And track 8 "These Are The Days" streamed on internet radio and became a fan favorite.
2. "The Green Album" was released in May 2007. We are getting radio airplay on track 6 "Hand On A Bottle" And track 2 "Painfull Anymore"

Set List

We play our own original music and sometimes throw in a couple classic rock cover tunes. When we play a four hour show our setup is 45 minutes on stage, 15 minute break each hour.
Our set list includes each of the following original tunes:
How Low, My Door, Wishing Well, My Gold, In The Way, These Are The Days, Bleeding On, King Of The Netherworld, Black Magic land, Painfull Anymore, Eyes Too Bloody To see, Once Again, God To All, Hand On A Bottle, So Far Down, Unsold, Back At Home, Too Far Gone & Thousand Miles From Home.