Swamp Soldiers

Swamp Soldiers

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"Hot tracks, killer flows!" Cedric Hollywood/ Program Director - WEDR 99 Jamz - Miami, Fl.


The Swamp Soldiers are taking over the airwaves with a vengeance leaving no frequency unscathed. They’re on a mission to make heads rock and mouths drop.

From radio anthems like “Wuzzup Girl?” to the raw sounds of “Pimps Up!” the Swamp Soldiers are bringin’ serious heat! Complete with a full-scale arsenal of tracks produced by Smackaya Face, the stage is set for the takeover. “Smackin’ em, right dead in the face, givin' em a taste, of dat Swamp Soldiers flav!”

The Swamp Soldiers have successfully set stages blazin’ throughout the Southeast US and are preparing to spread the wildfire worldwide. So buckle up!

They’ll be sure to leave every city they touch up, “Mucked Up”!


Wuzzup Girl?
Pimps Up!