Swamp Wompus

Swamp Wompus


Swamp Wompus was created out of a vision shared by the members of the group. They all wanted to do something different, and have succeeded and created a large following. Blending live instruments with computer technology, they create a blend of electronica, funk, jazz, and occasional trip hop.


Swamp Wompus is unlike any other band. The incredible creativity between the members of the band has led to a large catalog of fresh new music. The live shows are full of improvisation that keeps the crowd dancing. With their own high tech lighting/special effects, a Swamp Wompus show is truly an experience. Their influences come from all kinds of music. Each member has varied tastes and influences and that is part of the reason why the music is so diverse and original. It is impossible to put the music into one genre. Taking bits and pieces of electronica, jazz, rock, and world music, they are able to create music that knows no boundaries. Swamp Wompus is also on the forefront of music technology. The combination of traditional instruments along with live computer/synthesizer improvisation makes them into something that hasn't been done before. Styles of electronica ranging from drum and bass, to progressive house, to ambient and dubstep are all explored. The diversity of Swamp Wompus is seen in the ability to play full band shows as well as live PA sets with just one or two members. All of these factors are the reason why they have created such a large following. The die-hard fans never miss a show. The love for the fans is what inspires them to perform. Having recently played shows with Dubconscious, Bassnectar, Eliot Lipp, Random Rabbit, Klimchak, and many others, Swamp Wompus has a force to be reckoned with that fits in just about anywhere.

For more (including videos of our show with Dubconscious) go to http://www.myspace.com/swampwompus


Swamp Wompus is currently producing their first studio album, but have many single tracks available.

They have been featured on 91.1 WEGL in Auburn multiple times a week for the past few months.

Set List

The setlist would vary depending on the venue and the night, as we like to change things up to keep it interesting. We usually play two sets and an encore. We do occasional covers of a wide variety of bands that includes artists such as Sound Tribe Sector 9, The Talking Heads, The Beatles, Micheal Jackson, The Flaming Lips, etc. A sample setlist would look like this:

Once In A Lifetime (Talking Heads)
Joe's First Birthday>
Smurfs from Trenchtown

Percivel's Merciful Submarine
Dank Elipse>
Be Nice (STS9)
Clam City
Richard Gears

Encore: Aggro Crag