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Swanee Lane

 Hopewell, New Jersey, USA

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I Wonder What You're Doin' Tonight?

Written By: Swanee Lane

I Wonder What You’re Doin’ Tonight?

I drove by the house where we use to live.
I thought about the vows, we both did give,
I felt a chill deep in my soul
Because our love has now grown cold.

I wonder whose arms are holdin’ you tight,
I wonder whose lips are kissin’ you just right,
I wonder what you’re doin’ tonight.

Then I drove to the park where we use to meet,
I sat alone on the bench our favorite seat,
A bird was singin’ a sad melody,
A song of regret for you and for me.

Then I went to the church where we use to go,
I met some of the people, we use to know,
A tear began to fall from my eye
So I ran to the altar an’ started to cry. Cry, cry, cry.

Travelin’ down the memories in my mind,
I’m transported back to another time,
Livin’ in shadows of yesterday,
Searchin’ for a love that has passed away.

Chorus ending
I wonder who’s arms are holdin’ you tight,
I wonder who’s lips are kissin’ you just right
I wonder who’s beside you in the warm moonlight
I wander what you’re doin’ tonight, tonight (3x)