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Swank Motel


Swank Motel is the band that's giving music a new image. From the aggressive rock sounds, to the smooth and melodic lyrics, Swank Motel brings you a refreshing sound that will take you back to places once forgotten or leave you with new memories for decades to come!


Swank Motel began as an idea amongst friends in a basement circa 2005. The original crew consisted of Andrew McKie (Vocals/Guitar), Jordan Parker (Vocal/Guitar), Drew Mitchell (Bass), and James Roszyk (Drums).

The band quickly began knocking out catchy tunes that are still in their arsenal to surprise you with today. From "HIghtimes" to "Thursday Night" and the ever aggressive "Anything But", Swank quickly gained the respect and listening ears of the local populous of the Metro Atlanta scene.

Playing gigs soon became a regular thing for Swank; being still young and in high school, the band had no where to go but up. The guys continued writing more and more for their ever demanding fan base, and the road seemed to be paved for their success.

Not all has been good times for Swank Motel. After the regretful leaving of their drummer, James Roszyk, in 2007, Swank Motel was now in a tight spot. Where would they go now that their original drummer was gone?

The band had considered Micah Voss to play with them. Unfortunately, Micah had prior commitments to his country and would serve in the Marine Corps for 4 years before that opportunity would come to life. Instead, they approached a fellow friend and colleague Robby Dotson to play the skins, Being a well-rounded instrumentalist, Robby quickly hopped on the offer.

Swank Motel would continue to play shows and shine as they did so. Expanding their reach to Athens, GA, Swank Motel never let their listeners down. More favorites were soon written such as "Drop the Drink", "Social Permit", "Don't Be Shy" and plenty more. As the band developed their skills as musicians, they also re-defined their sound and image as serious contenders for the modern rock age.

Years went by and things were going smoothly for Swank Motel; gigs seemed to be getting booked left and right. As 2011 approached , Robby began to have a change of heart. Originally, being a truly talented guitarist, he could no longer continue with Swank and chose to go where his passion was. No hard feelings were left between the band members, as the break would give them an opportunity to look at their music and once again re-approach things from a new angle with the same aggressive stance they've always had.

Word got to Micah, who was finishing his term in the armed forces and coming back stateside. He couldn't have been more thrilled to be offered to play with his fellow friends once more. With new songs in their bag of goodies ready to be perfected and delivered, Swank Motel was ready for the future.

Micah returned in the summer of 2011 and instantly began practicing and honing in on the sounds of Swank Motel that define it to this day. The quick adjustment couldn't have come at a better time, as venues were eager to hear them once more after their long hiatus. Since Micah's return, the band seems to have found their calling and once again has no where to go but skyrocket upward.

The band now plays on the regular around East Atlanta and has developed such good relations that they now call it home. Swank Motel has now become a local favorite and continues to release great tunes such as "Remember", "Away's Away", "Losing Faith", "Secret Underground" and many more. The songs suck you in as you listen to them and next thing you know you're grooving along to them and at times, amp you up and make you become one with the melodic chaos. This nature has defined Swank's image: being a perfect balance of yin and yang; a smooth blend of both bluesy and melodic to aggressive and loud.

The band knew that their music MUST get to the masses. And so, they linked up with Damon Moon, to help them record their first legitimate EP. The Swank Motel Summer 2012 EP is now available and features "Remember"; an enchanting tune that shares both flowing melodic qualities, as well as their signature aggressiveness. "Away's Away" is next with it's refreshing lyrics and skillful guitar riffs. After that is "Birds" which brings you that fun, catchy sound that you can't help but dance along to. Lastly, Swank Motel proudly ends their EP with "Secret Underground". This tune takes you on a roller coaster ride of drum fills, guitar riffs, and bold lyrics that will leave you pumped up and wanting more.

Looking back, Swank Motel has had a long road but they still feel as though they are just getting started. The ladder of success is never crowded at the top, and Swank Motel won't stop until they achieve their goal; bringing new, fun and refreshing tunes to the masses that will redefine rock music as we know it!


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The Summer 2012 EP is on soundcloud.com, and more will come, as Swank Motel is currently in the works of putting together their first full length album!