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TuneSmith (2011)
hope.sessions (2012



SWAN PEONY | Rock | Paris (FR)
Swan Peony, be an ageless. A creature whose dreams abandoned electrical storm as announced on her hair blonde and free its memory cover of darkness and howling.

This is the only window of his cell were able to escape some of his works, nine pieces of rock to metal flesh. A deluge of titles to skeletons subtle. A fat, bitter words, a barely contained violence. All gathered in her first album TuneSmith - include: maker of songs.

The craftsman reveals for the first time his sketches. More than 60 titles currently in production, a novel, automatic writing exercises ... Some sites open to infinity. Mountains of texts and sheet lying on the floor of his room messy. Chaos that the author organizes night after night, note by note doubt after doubt. The tale of all his settling of accounts, from childhood to dementia.

Installed as young as four years before a battery, Anton Botic quickly shows an aptitude for music. His hands then try on the guitar, an instrument with which he excels. The boy gradually developed symptoms of fever creative ...

Released on Zimbalam, the distribution platform for digital music, sells TuneSmith right out to several thousand copies. Titles such as Cocaine, She A Thing Call Love, Lallie Ground for Good Mourning and have an impact that leaves no doubt on the future of Swan Peony.

Next event: The Exhale, or vehicle launched at top speed on rough roads. A fall of rage, distress, a flood of calls. In the distance, a call for tender ... closing of the orb. End of the cross, the end of the road Rock'N'Roll. We started with distorted agreements to end on an acoustic harmony free of violence.

Musical alchemy. Mysterious unity. Like its author, an open work, fierce impulsive and we expect more and more.