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"Oh MY..."

" Oh My- hello Swansinger!
I think that you may be on to something here.. These are very intense, passionately put together songs! Excellent musicianship. I like them a lot. Dark, but with just enough melody to hook me in and unlike a lot of harder, or metal stuff, I'm not getting my face slammed into a concrete wall-repatedly. Almost symphonic - can just picture the maestro madly waiving a baton with their hair flying in a sonic wind. And with Dragonfly- the music was just whirring around on dragonfly wings- very cool. All the best with the new album- am sure we'll be hearing more about Swansinger. "

Andrea Poulis
Sonic Deli Records
Toronto, Canada - Sonic Deli Records


" Swansinger is quietly becoming one of Orlando's most interesting. Swansinger is brimming over both with ideas and the talent to execute them "

Jason Ferguson, The Orlando Weekly - Orlando Weekly

"" Most Accomplished ""

" ... Listened to your CD during the week. The CD sounded most accomplished and like you know what you want to do. "

Mick Harvey
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Mick Harvey

""This seven-song EP is ear candy from start to finish""

"Swansinger has been a favorite in these here parts for some time now, and listening to Spectrum shows why. After regrouping themselves down to a trio, the band's next move was to record a new CD. Although at least one track is a rerecorded version from their previous album (in particular, "Awake"), Swansinger has definatley outdone themselves musically, sonically and in the packaging-all a top-notch job. Another band that's hard to place in a particular category, you could arguably call them alternative or indie, but not emo, as the band does have their own unique sound without going too far out there. This seven-song EP is ear candy from start to finish, and has more than earned the ConnectionsMag seal of approval. - Connections Magazine

"Orlando in high stlye"

"...This was then followed by Swansinger. They had an Indie/original sound that can make you dance or freak out in a corner."

2006 Emergenza Music Festival
Nero Fox - Nero Fox


" Local alternative band Swansinger has a smooth evocative sound with passionate, raspy vocals, layered instrumentation and thoughtful lyrics. If you drink enough, you might think you're at a Pink Floyd Concert. Their new album is Wide Awake and Consumed

Orlando City Beat . com - Orlandocitybeat.com

"CD Review"

Wide Awake and Consumed
Over the last year or two, you may have heard of a band called Swansinger making the rounds in the local clubs to much critical acclaim. We recently got the band's pre-release version of their long awaited album in our hot little hands. With what we can best describe as a pop/alt/indie rock style, all 11 songs on this disc are truly outstanding and unique when compared to other artists of the genre. Swansinger is definitely a prime example of a band that needs to reach the right ears, and we hope they do. The only caveat here is we were a little disappointed by the mix. Hopefully, this will be resolved in the final version.

Jaime Eschelman
Connections Magazine Sept. 2007 - Connections Magazine


New EP "Spectrum" is now available.
Eye for an Eye is currently being played on 101.1 WJRR




Melodic sounds set the tone in most of the songs as the guitar and keys play riffs together, blending their respective sounds into well defined hooks and leads. The instruments often break off from one another as the keys pound the bass and dive into a rich tapestry of fluttering notes, backed by heavy guitar and pulse pounding drums.
Swansinger has performed extensively throughout Florida, captivating audiences at Hard Rock Live, The Florida Music Festival, Anti Pop Music Festival and dozens of regional venues. Having opened up for several National/International acts.
Swansinger's influences range from Muse, Foo Fighters, Fugazi to Nick Cave, Nirvana and The Police, yet possessing a sound all their own! Impressing crowds with emotionally charged lyrics and high energy vocal performances.
Drummer, Brandon Coleman, already a professional musician, having played on several national recording artist's releases and been signed to major labels twice while performing in previous bands. Not satisfied working in a genre outside of his personal tastes, he sought out a band that reflected a style he could better relate to. He found that in Swansinger.
Keyboardist, Cassie Soukup is classically trained and imaginative with her melodic compositions as well as maintaining the bass beat while somehow singing backing vocals as well.
Joe Montalvo tops it all off with thick rhythm guitar, memorable leads and passionate vocal parts. the lyrics are simultaneously thought provoking, poetic, real and intelligent.
Their latest CD entitled "Spectrum" features several radio singles as well as tracks that are more artistically crafted and deeper in scope and subject matter.

This latest recording was produced by James Rowand who has worked with the likes of Paramore, Between the Trees and many more. Mixed by Pete Thornton; Paramore, Shinedown, Limp Bizkit etc..
We hope you enjoy our efforts!