Forged upon the seven seas, Swashbuckle's unique brand of 'In Yar Face' metal is set to take the metal community by storm. Unrelenting thrash metal reminiscent of vintage Anthrax & Exodus, mixed with a collection of melodic acoustic shanties - and yes, it's all about pirates.


There be many horrors of the high seas, but none so wretched as Swashbuckle. Their tale begins early in the year 2005. Legend has it that Commodore RedRum met Admiral Nobeard in the all-you-can-eat shrimp buffet line at Red Lobster. Realizing their mutual love for pillaging, plundering, and thrash metal, they set sail, and began work on a four-song excursion produced in their very own scurvy sea studio. Thus, Swashbuckle was born.

Upon completion of the demo, they set forth to assemble a crew of sea dogs even more vile than themselves. Timber-n-Twine wielding Rowin’ Joe Po was rescued from the gallows pole, where he was being tried for savage acts of piracy so evil that they cannot be mentioned here.

Skins-n-sticks brandishing Captain Crashride was found drunk and marooned on the godforsaken Isle of Kayk, where natives forced him to brand his flesh with heathen words... and mud flap-girls. Their fearless crew now complete, Swashbuckle was ready to navigate the treacherous waters of the open seas.

Arising out of the depths of Davey-Jones’ locker, Swashbuckle set the local music scene ablaze with blistering speed and malicious mosh capabilities. November 2005 saw the release of a more musically developed and increasingly complex offer by Swashbuckle - the Yo Ho Demo. Recorded at Riverside Recording in Titusville NJ, the Yo Ho Demo marked a new stage of development for the pirate foursome.

After extensive plundering and pilfering of the New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania area, the band of black-hearted pirates focused on crafting a full-length metal masterpiece of unparalleled nautical proportion.

Swashbuckle is currently preparing to set forth on their first U.S. East Coast tour in support of their debut album “Crewed by the Damned.”


Walk The Plank

Written By: Admiral Nobeard

Mutiny on the bound
Gather the crew around
Tie the traitor's hands
You'll have no time to think
As we watch you sink
Boots filled with sand

Walk the Plank!
High Fives! Plank Dives!

Treason is the reason
That you're gonna die!

High Fives! Plank Dives!

The depths of the ocean
Is where your carcass lies!

Drink Up

Written By: Commodore Redrum

Forever again will we hail
Upon this nautical hell, we sail
Through the moonless nights
Across the seas of death, we'll fight

Slash of the saber sword
Lift the curse and be restored
We're pirates!
We aim to kill!
No prisoners - our code fulfilled

Pass the Ale
Pass the Rum
By nights embrace
our bodies numb

Drink up me matey's YO HO! YO HO!
Drink up me matey's YO HO!

Mighty cannon's roar into the sky
Burning chainshot - our foes reply
The Black One's beard is burning bright
A tour of duty of epic might
For honor
For glory
For lore and sacred story


Crewed By The Damned CD (Bald Freak Music)

Set List

30-90 minute sets, including any or all of the following:

Under The Black Flag
Welcome Aboard
Drink Up
Set Sail
Walk The Plank
What A Ship Is
Dead Men Tell No Lies
The Wooden World
'X' Marks The Spot
Rum Runners
Upon The Spanish Main
The Bazaar
Jolly Roger
Paradise Defined
Crewed By The Damned
A Fool's Errand
Various metal covers