Swati is a powerful, contemporary singer/songwriter/guitarist whose style has been referred to as 'acoustic metal.' Swati mixes fiery guitar technique and compelling vocals.


An excellent song has the power to evoke imagery that blows you away, filling your head with visions of a dark venue, surrounded by people immersed in music, wrapped in the moment. Swati’s debut, Small Gods will inevitably bring you there. Deep rich vocals will haunt you as they lace through waves of the purest melodies you’ve ever heard. Swati can be classified as a singer-songwriter by process of elimination, but her music cannot be described by any one genre: a little rock, a little indie and a little folk, though ultimately Swati’s sound is entirely her own. Her vocals and guitar lines are ethereal, moving, astonishing while her lyrics are dark and moody, contrasting sharply with her riveting guitar.

A native New Yorker, Swati was raised on the Lower East Side’s vibrant and eclectic music scene. Despite being offered a scholarship to the prestigious Juilliard School to study trombone, she chose instead to follow her passion and became a stalwart at New York musical haunts like the Living Room and Nightingale’s. Her initial demo was produced by Steve Lillywhite (U2, Dave Matthews Band, Morrissey), who had seen her playing at Arlene’s Grocery on the Lower East Side and was so excited about what he saw that he had to get involved. These gigs and the demo landed her a spot playing on the Lillith Fair. Despite all the positive feedback and exciting opportunities, Swati postponed her career in music indefinitely. Her love for song however, followed her throughout all of her endeavors, like an itch that she just couldn’t scratch - until now.

Small Gods was recorded at Allaire Studios in upstate New York, with producer Duke McVinnie (songwriter/guitarist with Shivaree), and producer/engineer Brandon Mason (David Bowie, The Secret Machines). The record echoes with Swati’s sprawling voice and edgy guitar riffs that are distinctly New York City. “Big Bang” comes at you like a tidal wave, the mellifluous sound of her signature acoustic-electric Alvarez Yairi 12 string (configured as an 8 string with doubled B and high E strings) emits a powerhouse of sound that melds flawlessly with the big vocals that go from gruff to gritty throughout the track without skipping a beat. “Blackjack” weaves a tale of loneliness so heartbreaking it’ll make you want to curl up and cry with a glass of wine…or ten, while “Dodge” provides the perfect closing track to the album: Swati’s singing rips sweetly through the hushed guitar, as she lets you know exactly how she sees the world and what she stands for, telling it like it is. A refreshing theme that surfaces repeatedly throughout the CD.

Every once in awhile an album comes along with the capability to sweep you off your feet and set you off on a journey… Small Gods promises to do just that and more.

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Cara Wodnicki


New album Small Gods out April 17, 2007 on Bluhammock

Set List

Set can be 40 to 60 minutes, all original but for one cover "I'm On Fire" by Bruce Springsteen
Small Gods
Big Bang
New Me
I'm on Fire
Step on Me
2 O Clock in the AM