Australian guys who play as raw as Sir Mick's lament for the Devil, as solid as Bonzo's bass drum, and with as much damn charisma as Jack White can strangle from a beat up vintage amp.


Sway are five guys who've always known that there's no need to try and reinvent rock & roll - the Rolling Stones got it right about 40 years ago.

Sway have always known that all it takes is a band with the guts to play it like it's meant to be played. Like Led Zepplin and The Who knew in '69, so too do the White Stripes and The Datsuns in 2003.

If there's any doubt about Sway having the guts to follow in those larger than life foot steps, the conviction of their debut, self titled EP should be enough to reassure even the most skeptical.

Recorded live by renowned Australian producer Phil McKellar (Silverchair, Spiderbait, Grinspoon and The Cruel Sea) their first single "Never Been A Better Time To Rock 'n' Roll" ( and what more appropriate title could your first single have?) is a blistering testament to the power of pure rock. The EP's five songs take a rollicking trip through everything that we love about the beast that is rock, embracing the best from then and now. It's the sort of record you can be pretty sure Keith Moon would drink to...


"Sway", self-titled EP, available July 7 through MGM Distribution, Australia.

Set List

45 minutes

Never Been a Better Time to Rock N Roll
Don't Do It
Lead Myself Astray
Lost For Words
Lovers & Others
Dog Gone Insane
French Connection
Baby, Get It On
Free My Mind