A 3 man band consisting of music majors with to much time on our hands. We each play at least 3 instruments and are always learning new ones. Some of our songs are live jam or jazz based music and others involve a loop pedal and a lot more theory.


Our influences are spread throughout many categories but seem to focus back to jazz and jam bands. Everything from Pat Methany, to Chick Corea, to String Cheese, and the Dead. I think what sets our band apart is that its just a trio and we can actively write with the loop pedal (actively meaning we don't get caught up in one loop boring the listener or flooding their ears with to much music) and can write standard tunes as well. We all met in the jazz program and at our college and playing together was sort of a fluke. There is a jazz building called the Mainstay at our school that is essentially heaven; it consists of nothing but instruments, a drum room, and a brillaint recording studio. Anyone in the jazz building has 24 hour access to this building and that is how we started playing together. Walking home from the bars at 2 in the morning it just seemed like a good idea to stop and jam, jamming eventually turned into writing, which turned into recording and there you have it.


Aaron and I both played in bands (mine called backseat sleepover and his being self titled) each released a demo that got radio play on an Omaha/Council Bluffs station called the River. This current band has produced many recordings but have not yet compiled an album (project for January-March) since we have access to our own studio to work with and have extensive experience operating recording equipment we have been recording our own music pretty much since we've started playing.

Set List

Set lists generally vary: We usually play one set straight through and often times the music doesn't stop for the entire show. We have many songs the ones we most commonly bring out (because they have circulated around Drake the best) are called "A Mind In Composition" (which is a tune using the loop pedal) and "Villisca Side" which is a straight tune and more jazz rock oriented. Our covers generally branch from the jam scene (Phish and the Dead are regular picks) but we have been known to pull from jazz standards as well as some Stevie Wonder tunes and occasionally the random Zeppelin or Floyd cover.