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I would say my music is lyrically crunk with a little r&b. My music has alittle bit of every thing in it.It is lyrical, you can dance to it, and you can get crunk in the club like Lil Jon when you hear my music.Plus there is music for the ladies.


Tyrone Heard was born July 30th, 1986 at Beloit Memorial Hospital in Beloit Wisconsin. He was Raised In the Rockton Illinois area with His mother Beatrice Heard and grandparents Ernest and Lucille Heard, who all play a big role in his life. His father was absent. As a youth he grew up in prodominately white school, that caused alot of racial differences. Because of ongoing problems, his mother decided to make the short move to South Beloit. In 1999 OutKast and the lyricist Lounge Show on mtv started influencing and sparking his interest in the Hip-Hop Genre. As a freshman Tyrone teamed up with Jerry Tucker AKA Lil' Tuck and decided to take music beyond the TV. After graduating from South Beloit High School Tyrone attended Rock Valley Community College. Located In Rockford Illinois. After a few months he decided he wanted to pursue music full time. In early 2005 he dropped a mix tape "The Underdog Mixtape", which was more of a learning experience. Which he believes every artist should go through. Through out the next year after multiple confrontations, a new born baby on the way, and a sick grandmother really influenced him to work all his time and energy on a new CD called, "Swayzie A New Beginning".

Set List

My typical set list is based upon 6 songs,depending the show type.
1.Twirk It 2.Beef in the Club 3.Tip It 4.Diamonds on my neck 5.Freaky 6. Dem Boyz