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"+ BURN MY CROSSES album review: 1340 MAG +"

New to the modern hard rock scene, Swear On Your Life came from New York in 2005. Combining a Queen and Rage Against The Machine sound, the band reminds you of a group you’d see some fan of hard rock listening to on a normal basis meaning, this band fits right in with the mixes that you’d hear on your local rock station.
Combining some pretty brutal riffs with melodic singing, Swear On Your Life should really appeal to fans of bands like Chevelle or God Smack with their EP release “Burn My Crosses� it should really catch your eye if you’re a hard rock lover.

Burn My Crosses starts out with the self-titled song and holds strong really well. Each track has something satisfying whether it’s Militia’s growls or melodic vocals.
Another great thing about this EP is the variation. Sometimes you see bands that have “every song sounds the same syndrome� well not here! Each track mixes up the mix if you get what I mean.

In the end, Burn My Crosses is a great pre-release. The band has a lot to offer to a large crowd because they’re original. So, fans of modern hard rock add something new to your play list. I know I will and I’m a kind of guy that likes mainly hardcore and black metal bands but hey, got to have variety!

- Patrick Stevens: 1340mag.com

"+ REBELGRRRL: When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution +"

MilitiA is Coming…
(You can run, but you can't hide)

Craigslist...your ultimate source for finding roommates, used furniture, an apartment, a few laughs in the "Missed Connections" section and…starting a brand new metal band that will quickly take over the mainstream consciousness?

It can happen. And has. Just ask MilitiA and the rest of the guys in the band Swear On Your Life.

In 2005, Ed Strohsahl (bassist) and Marc Reischer (guitarist) placed a notice on Craigslist for a singer and soon found MilitiA-who'd already been heavily involved in the music business (which included appearances on MTV2 & Fuse).

In 2007, with the inclusion of Chip Thomas as drummer (the original SoYL drummer left the band in 2006) the band recorded the "Burn My Crosses" EP-a hard hitting, rhythmic tour-de-force. With heavy bass lines that will make you think of Skunk Anansie's bassist, Cass (ok, if you don't know Skunk Anansie, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about. So pick up Paranoid & Sunburnt. Like, NOW.) and remind you that bass isn't *just* a supporting instrument, SoYL shoots straight for the gut. With cleverly written lyrics (including the song "Hate Out Loud" which actually contains the words "textual deviation") and the vocals of MilitiA- forceful and dominant, she will win you over. SoYL is posed for definite success. So, go look up their EP, "Burn My Crosses" and check 'em out for yourself.

- Rebelgrrrl


Geez. I'm having one of those nights where I can't open that bottle of my favorite nail polish. So, in a pink polish rage, I get to it: "Vengeance Is Mine" from the new Burn My Crosses CD sung by MilitiA with the band Swear on Your Life. In the first surging 10 seconds of MilitiA's earth-shaking voice, my stomach twists and I tear off the top of the polish bottle with my teeth, loosening a molar. So worth it! Available on DigStation for download now. Check out the Anime video of their song "Close to Life" on YouTube.

- Susan DiPronio

"+ BEST NEW ALBUM ***** +"

Powerful vocals, heavy riffs mixed to perfection with melodic rhythms on guitar, solid bass performance and seamless percussion. One word, WOW! I am glad I found and bought this album, I can't wait to show more people your way. - Riff Master (on iTunes)

"+ BOLD AS LOVE: BEST OF 2008 +"

BEST OF 2008:

TV On The Radio - Dear Science
Santogold - Santogold
Tom Morello - The Fabled City
King's X - XV
Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple
Saul Williams - The Inevitable Rise and Liberation Of Niggy Tardust
The Mars Volta - The Bedlam In Goliath
The Dirtbombs - We Have You Surrounded

http://www.boldaslove.us/2008/12/best-of-2008-subtle-jdavey-qtip-black-kids-swear-on-your-life-the-mars-volta-still-more.html - Earl Douglas, Executive Director of the Black Rock Coalition

"+ 90.5 KHSU radio in Arcata, CA +"

"I love (MilitiA.'s) voice and their sound. I got other DJ's to listen (to their record) and they're playing it!" - Julie Ryan


"...Swear on Your Life went on stage to perform. I had never heard of them, they were a metal band. Enough said. However…they were AWESOME! Militia, on vocals, was amazing. She tuned out and erased any lethargy, negative sentiment, or bad vibes that may have permeated the venue. She was glad to have the gig and woo her audience into her world. The back up band consisting of Satyr on guitar, Gee on drums, and Shanetrain on bass, were pretty darn incredible too. I so enjoyed their sound, and will welcome potentially covering future shows…The energy emanating from this band was lethal…"

-gothicgoddessmedia.com - Gothic Goddess Media


"It’s not often you get to see an African-American woman front a full-on metal band, but not only does MilitiA do that, she rocks the joint. SWEAR ON YOUR LIFE has released a 5-song EP, “Burn My Crosses” (swearonyourlife.com), which keeps the heavy in the metal. Crushing guitar (Marc Reischer), a bass (Ed Strohsahl) that rocks steady, a pounding drum (Chip Thomas), and MilitiA on a loud, yet somehow unconventional sounding vox, which enhances the experience. Her voice is clear throated rather than growling, which is a nice touch. And having met her, she definitely adds a lot in personality as the front of this band. From what I was told, they have since added an additional guitar, so look forward to that much more of a full sound. From the title cut through “Vengeance is Mine” and “Hate Out Loud”, this is – if you’ll pardon the cliché – a full-throttle engine revving on high octane, going 100 down a narrow road." - Robert Barry Francos

"+ KATHLEEN HANNA (Bikini Kill, LeTigre) +"

"Some of the best live vocals I've ever heard." - Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, LeTigre)

"+ 90.7FM KALX radio in Berkeley, CA +"

"(Burn My Crosses is) in heavy rotation and it will be in our library forever."

- Alt. Rock MD


"BURN MY CROSSES" -released Fall 2007

The BURN MY CROSSES e.p. was recorded live, in 2 days, in Feb 2007. Engineered by Nick Cipriano, and mastered by Steve Kadison (Sony Studios.)

Within the first week of the album's release, it was BANNED at two colleges (and counting...) in the US because it was deemed "offensive." However, the record also received very positive attention via the hard rock and college radio circuit- charting as high as 3 at some schools. Because of this, SOYL has regularly appeared on the musician's panel and meet and greets at the IBS International Radio, TV, Webcasting and Podcasting Conference in NYC.

Burn My Crosses is the definitive statement of what SWEAR ON YOUR LIFE is: punishingly heavy grooves, anchored by a near-telepathic rhythm section, blistering guitar work, switching instantly between crushing riffs and evocative, melodic textures...and of course, the voice of MilitiA. covering every inch of ground between a whisper and a scream with the authority of an unrepentant badass.

BURN MY CROSSES is available on iTUNES, CD BABY and more. GET YOURS TODAY.

Focus tracks:
(released for commercial radio)
"Close to Life"

(for hard rock/metal radio)
"Vengeance is Mine"
"Self Taught"

+ TO SEE SWEAR ON YOUR LIFE LIVE VIDEOS, GO TO: www.youtube.com/soylnyc +



NYC based hard rock band SWEAR ON YOUR LIFE was formed in the Spring of 2005 by MilitiA. (from FUSE, MTV2, VH1 and DEE SNIDER's VAN HELSING'S CURSE) out of a burning desire to chariot her very own electric noise machine. Heavily influenced by Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Primus, Pantera, Faith No More, PJ Harvey + L7, SOYL is exhilarating, empowering, triumphant, daring and mean with a vengeance- while putting a bullet into every cliché associated with female-fronted bands.

SWEAR ON YOUR LIFE has shared the stage with Twisted Sister [Bent Brother], Made Out of Babies, Bella Morte and Voltaire. The band has been featured on TALKING METAL (www.talkingmetal.com), BLACK ROCK COALITION events (BRC Director, Earl Douglas named SOYL's album as one of the Top 10 Best of 2008), THE MEDUSA FESTIVAL, "TAKE BACK NEW YORK" benefits and THE GITS MOVIE NYC Premiere Party - where original riot grrrl KATHLEEN HANNA (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre) described MilitiA's voice as "some of the best live vocals (she's) ever heard.”

Recently, +SOYL+ was reborn with 2 new members- Jerry Kops (PULL, ROCK OF AGES, BLUE MAN GROUP) and Jeff Hardee (HOSTEL INC.) MilitiA. and the band will be featured in the cinematic sequel to NOT BAD FOR A GIRL- a music documentary which has featured women in rock such as Joan Jett, Courtney Love and Kat Bjelland- as well as in the upcoming book. Additionally, MilitiA. and bassist Shane Boulos are writing music for a new music television show that MilitiA. will be hosting- more info on that to come!

SWEAR ON YOUR LIFE is here. Brace yourself.