Sweating Blood

Sweating Blood

 Pretoria, Gauteng, ZAF

Sweating Blood is a new upcoming South African Rock band. Without the screaming and yelling, you will still get a combination of metal and rock. The deep, dark voice of female vocalist, Giselle, goes excellent with the hard rock sounds of the band.

Sweating Blood has no obvious influences. They managed to create their own unique style. The genre is a mixture of Metal, Rock and Melodic Rock with good melodies, which can easily be remembered by the listener.


Hometown: Centurion, ZA
Genres: Metal / Female Fronted Rock/Metal / Melodic Rock/Metal
Members: Giselle Momberg - Lead Vocals, Daniel Gerber - Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Ryan van Schalkwyk - Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Jean-Pierre Fourie - Bass, Jaco Willemse - Drums Sweating Blood is a South African, female fronted, melodic rock/metal band from Pretoria, Gauteng. The current line-up (2011/2012) of the band consists of the members Daniel Gerber (Rhythm/lead), Ryan van Schalkwyk (rhythm/lead), Jean-Pierre Fourie (Bass), Jaco Willemse (Drums) and Giselle Momberg (Vocals). With a wide variety of influences from rock and hard rock to power metal, speed metal and death metal, the Sweating Blood sound is unique to the South African Market. The soon to be released debut album ‘Inside my world’ consists of old-school melodies from the earlier material and hard hitting melodic metal from the more recent material. A combination of variety for everyone.

Founded in 2005 by Giselle Momberg, Marizelle Bezuidenhout and Ross Tapson, Sweating Blood was formed with the idea to write and share music that will connect with people on an emotional level and their personal experiences. The first original song written and recorded by the trio, ‘Scream’ (featured on the upcoming debut album), embodied the idea that was Sweating Blood and was performed alongside various bands including 16 Stitch.

In 2006 Sweating Blood took time off playing live performances to write new material and perfect existing songs. After successful writing sessions and rehearsals the band moved back into the live scene and played a series of live shows and functions to end off 2006.
By 2007 Sweating Blood experienced a few line-up changes of band members where Kevin Mills joined the band as the new lead guitarist. Various talented studio musicians were also used at the time.

With the arrival of 2008 the band started recording at Groundlevel Studios while playing the odd live performance and writing more material.
In 2009 more line-up changes took place and Daniel Gerber, John Evans and Kevin Baker joined the band which resulted in subtle but noticeable and revolutionary changes in the style of the music that is reflected on the album. During this period more live performances were played including Lido Fest and over the next year this was the stable course of the band up until the end of 2010.

With the start of 2011 all the members of Sweating Blood, with the exception of Daniel and Giselle, decided to pursue their own careers which opened the door for three new members, these members being Jaco Willemse, Jean-Pierre Fourie and Ryan van Schalkwyk. With the addition of the three new members, almost a totally new band was formed with a whole new variety of influences and styles and is the current line-up of Sweating Blood. The last four songs needed to complete the long awaited album was written and recorded by the current band members and proves to be a great recipe for hard hitting melodic rock/metal that the world needs