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Fairbanks, Alaska, United States | INDIE

Fairbanks, Alaska, United States | INDIE
Band Americana Jam


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"Amazing! Exhilerating! The best band I've ever met on the road." - Mike McGee- U.S. Slam poetry champion 2004

"Fairbanks six-piece travels road toward Burning Man Festival in Nevada"

"...If the Fairbanks group's debut CD, ""Infinity's Doorstop"" is any indication, Sweating Honey is well on the way to reaching their goal--on the road....The eight cuts on the album go through a virtual world tour of styles. The first, "Some Kind of Love Song," for instance, hops through a sweet and fresh world beat with a definite Latin feel. Even more remarkable are the vocals. On top of a soul tune that conjures up the ghost of Al Green, this singer (Corwyn Wilkey), lets it all out, his voice climbing up and down the tortured stairs. Showing the ultimate changeablility, "Bris of a Nation" begins with electric pseudo-klesmer and then transmorgrifies into an easy reggae beat. "Mr Sunday Morning" is blues, complete with fuzzy. warm guitar solo, followed by "Thursday," a truck drivin' bluegrass rave-up. Not to be predictable, the next song "Crazy Hazy Days," features a bowed saw, a staggering carnival waltz tempo and spooky graveyard howlings. The psychedelic rock kicks in. After a quick poetry break, the album ends in "hide and Seek," a reggae groove with reverb vocals and definite skankability." - Ak This Month

"Fairbanks Band is sweet on the Future-you need to see this band!"

SWEATING HONEY: Quintet with a new CD has gig in Anchorage tonight. By: Josh Niva (Anchorage Daily News)
When punk and rap and rock and soul enter the ears, then clog the pores-it's honey, baby. When cabin jam band makes a plan to see the land with songs in hand-it's honey, baby.
Pure honey. Sweet and thick honey. Put it in the blender with some fruit, ice, and liquor, honey.
Sweating Honey, a conscious five-pack of players from the AK rock civilization nether region, is breaking out of Fairbanks-area cabins and breaking through on the statewide music scene. The band has a new album (the eight-song "Infinity's Doorstop") a pair of summer tours (one in-state, and one along the West Coast) and a sound that's hotter than July in the Interior.
Honey's sound is also as diverse as Fairbanks' makeup of pioneers, cheekakos, college students and transients. Ska. Classic rock. Reggae. Pop. Alt. country. Latin. Hip-Hop. Jazz It's all there and more, drenched in honey.
"Everywhere we go people say, 'We love you guys, but what are you? What genre are you?'" Trumpet player and occasional vocalist Corwyn Wilkey said with a laugh. "And no one knows what to say. We do everything-we're a rock band, but we're not a rock band. In a way I almost feel like a victim of the industry," Wilkey added. "People are so consumed with this idea that you have to be inside a box somehow. We are definitely not a cookie-cutter band, but I think that's one thing we've got over other bands."
Yes, this brand of Honey is a tasty and popular, if not an acquired, taste. Audience members, while sometimes bewildered, ...etc etc,
to check out the whole article go to adn.com - Anchorage Daily News

"Gettin' busy as bees--New studio album has Fairbanks band buzzed"

By Jamie Rogers

Published: December 31st, 2008 01:15 AM
Last Modified: January 1st, 2009 12:33 AM

Shivering this weekend? Probably. Sweating this weekend? You'd better believe it.

Funky Fairbanks favorites Sweating Honey roll into Anchorage with sleeves rolled up, ready to work. With three gigs in two days, their prime objective is promoting their new CD, "When We Were Young," which rolled off the assembly line mere weeks ago.

Trumpeter and vocalist Corwyn Wilkey took a moment to describe the new vibe, explain the differences in some kinds of concerts and entertain our cravings for specialty ice cream.

Q. Tell us a little bit about the new album, how it came together and what it was like recording it.

A. "When We Were Young" is our second studio album. It was recorded up in Fairbanks at Dome Studios with the help of engineers Jerry and Riff Rafson. This album took a little over 212 years to put together, so it feels great to finally have it finished and being heard.

It really feels like we've come full circle with this one, particularly because a lot of the tracks on this new album were ones we were already writing or were new ideas we came up with the last time we were in the studio in 2005. It was a LOT of hard work. There were times I didn't even think we were going to finish it. Ultimately though, it was a great experience and we grew a lot while making this album.

In the recording process, we set out to shape and capture the music, and, as is typical of our time in the studio, the music ended up capturing and shaping us.
Q. Sweating Honey's sound encompasses nearly every genre imaginable, from ska to soul to Americana rock to alt-country to blues to klezmer to jam band to mariachi band. Is there any style that doesn't suit you guys?

A. The band has a pretty diverse musical taste. We all come from very different musical backgrounds, so we have to be open to different styles and sounds. Truth be told, though, as a whole we generally tend to steer away from bubblegum pop and screamo. Other than that, pretty much anything goes.

Q. In the past, your lyrics haven't shied away from some political content, such as on "Hide and Seek." Did any of this year's unprecedented political scene make its way into the new album's lyrics?

A. Yes and no. This is a very different album for us. It's more introspective that anything else. I think by virtue of who we are as individuals, it's hard for us to write without touching on the political, but on this album it's more subtle. It's sprinkled throughout and veiled in metaphor. Certainly nothing quite as overly outspoken as "Hide and Seek."

Q. You'll be playing bigger stages like the Dena'ina Convention Center (Saturday) and cozy venues like Tap Root Cafe (Jan. 17). Does the band perform differently in different spaces? Are you more tight as a group when the space is tight?

A. We've done some more broken-down "acoustic" style shows that have gone over pretty well in smaller venues. I think we definitely listen to each other more in those situations. It's easier to be aware of where the music is going in an improvisational moment and certainly makes us more aware of our mistakes. I like to think though that we bring a great show regardless of the size of the venue or how many people we're playing for. Overall, I think stage sound and how well we can hear ourselves affects the tightness of the band more than anything.

Q. What's the coldest gig you've ever played? Cold being a relative term for a band based in Fairbanks.

A. Last February, we drove eight hours in a van with no heat down from Fairbanks to play a First Tap at the Bear Tooth. That was one F@!#ING cold, miserable ride. But the fans are always so supportive and full of energy, keeping warm at gigs usually isn't a problem.

Q. Now to heat things up: Your namesake song, "Sweating Honey," is almost as good as Barry White at helping set a sexy scene. Any new song you recommend for the romantically challenged among us?

A. I'm always flattered by the way fans react to "Sweating Honey." It's funny to me because I literally wrote the words to that song in about five minutes. The song started out as a joke and has ended up being one of our most popular songs.

I don't really believe in being romantically challenged. Love songs wouldn't all sound the same and there wouldn't be so many of them if it was that hard a thing to figure out. But, if you need a little help setting the mood, right now I'm really diggin' on the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Raphael Sadiq of his new album, "The Way I See It."

Q. And now for hot and cold: When is Fairbanks ice cream purveyor Hot Licks going to name a flavor after you?

A. Ha! What a great idea! You know, we actually have connections with the Hot Licks people. We'll have to look into that. Maybe it can be our resolution for 2009. - Anchorage Daily News


"Infinity's Doorstop", Sweating Honey's Debut full length studio LP, released independently.

"When We Were Young" is Sweating Honey's 2009 sophomore release.

"Live at the Sitzmark" is Sweating Honey's only officially released live recording, available in limited quantities.
Songs from these albums are available for download, streaming, or purchase on sweatinghoney.net, myspace.com/sweatinghoney, and CDBaby.com
Various live shows are also available for download and are circulating on the Net



Sweating Honey is a seven-piece band based out of Fairbanks, where they have maintained a large and dedicated following for nearly ten years. They have over ten thousand albums in circulation, most of which have been sold stage side or out of the band's van.

Their genre-splicing style and stage antics have kept crowds into the thousands lining up to see them in venues and festivals throughout Alaska and the Northwest. They have been reviewed glowingly as everything from a jam band to alt-country, latin, hip-hop, and all genres in between, but their ability to embrace this melting pot of styles is most often referred to as Americana.

Sweating Honey is currently seeking a record label to work alongside with.