SweetBread Jim's

SweetBread Jim's

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

SweetBread Jim's is an Americana Indie Rock band owned and operated by SweetBread Jim. Fronted by Linsay Deming, this band is all about juxtaposition. Loud yet lyrical melodies overtop fresh yet classic rhythms make this music new and exciting with a sense of familiarity.


SweetBread Jim had always wanted to break into the booking business. In October 2010, he bought himself a band off Craigslist for $20! Since then, SweetBread Jim's has been pumping out good ol' fashioned home-cooked tunes to delight audiences in Washington, DC and on the web.

SweetBread Jim's is dedicated to not taking themselves seriously while being committed to creating thoughtful and quirky sounds. The music is truly one of a kind as it spans many genres in addition to having a unique sound of its own. All songs are written by Linsay Deming.


Demo to come! Meanwhile, please listen to our basement tracks!