Sweet City Action

Sweet City Action


Take 2 parts guitar, 1 part bass and 1 part drums, add a splash of mandolin, violin and keyboard, shake violently, and out comes Sweet City Action. They put some quirk into indie pop and take a twist on alternative rock, with unique and exciting results.


The band began when Vilma and Christina met in violin studio at the University of Florida. Tired of metronomes and etudes, they decided to pick up some rockier instruments and find a garage. Bret provided a practice space and drums, and Quinn provided a synthesizer and guitar. Together they create garage band rock&roll in the student ghetto of Gainesville, FL.

Following the release of their first album, ["Open EP"], Sweet City Action promoted the EP throughout Florida and branched out to other parts of the country. Tracks from the EP can be found here on Sonicbids and through their myspace page: www.myspace.com/sweetcityaction

Current news and upcoming shows can also be found on their myspace page.

Spring, 2008 included gigs in Tampa, Tallahassee, Sarasota, and a 10-day tour which included stops in Gainesville, FL; Jacksonville, FL; Panama City, FL; Pascagoula, MS; Austin, TX; and Houston, TX. In Austin, TX they played the Invasion of the GoGirls at SXSW and a gig on downtown 6th street.

Notable bands Sweet City Action has played with:
M. Coast
Casper and the Cookies
The Dollyrots

Sweet City Action auditioned for the Bodog Competition, which airs on the FUSE. They made it to the second round as a top twelve band in the region December, 2007.

"Falling Out of Love," from Sweet City Action's "Open" EP was selected as a top-6 finalist in The University of Florida's "Campaign for Real Love," songwriting competition.

Influences include: Bela Bartok, Rush, Talking Heads and The Magnetic Fields.


"Open" EP released October 20th, 2007. Recorded with Rob McGregor at Goldentone Records.

Tracks from "Open EP" played on:
100.5 The Buzz, Gainesville, FL
96.5 WSLR, Sarasota, FL
Streaming audio of the EP can also be heard on www.grooveshark.com

Below is an excerpt from the EP's review in "The Satellite" February, 2008 issue:

"I was immediately attracted to Sweet City Action, long before I ever funneled their music into my headphones. With their debut EP, "Open," Sweet City Action puts together a tight package of mostly jumpy and always engaging pop music. After six songs of this you only wish it would continue, instead of the empty silence as a solid album ends. Even just as a sample, "Open," should clue you in that Sweet City Action is a band to watch."
-Brian Offenther

EMAIL: sweetcityaction@gmail.com
PHONE: (954)806-2185; Band's manager, Vilma

Set List

Our sets are normally between 30 and 45 minutes long. A typical set might be:
1) Big Sweep
2) Roundabout
3) Falling Out of Love
4) Backbeat
5) Magnolia
6) You're Doing it Wrong
7) DRM
8) Faded Image
9) Irish Fiddling
10) Camaro