Sweet City Slang

Sweet City Slang


hobo soul - gorgeous songcraft with a swagger in its step



"Gorgeous songcraft with a swagger in its step."

While the presence of the blues is unmistakable, discerning listeners will hear a litany of other influences sneaking into Sweet City Slang's music. Tito Puente, the Beatles, Rebirth Brass Band - they were all unwitting accomplices in the construction of the thirteen songs that make up the band's debut album, Somewhere Along the Way. It's the product of a band that's fascinated by the music around them, yet determined to forge their own path through it.

While traversing all this musical territory, the band is anchored by Philadelphia native Eric Tweed. A blues singer by trade, Tweed is Sweet City Slang's guitarist and lead vocalist. And in the grand tradition of bluesmen, he weaves tales of good times with bad women, of smooth talking, slow going, and of trying to shine a poetic light on the darker side of love.

The first single, "Girl Like That," finds the band stomping through the streets of New Orleans and chasing those girls mom warned you about. The song's undeniable swing, complete with shouts and hand claps, is perfectly complemented by the fantastic trombone work of Pink Martini's Robert Taylor.

But there's more to Sweet City Slang than just songwriting. This is also a group of virtuoso musicians who put on a monstrous live show. The stage gives them an opportunity to stretch out take a different approach to their songs. The result is a show that keeps the refined songcraft intact, but adds an insistent groove. It's music for dancing that couldn't be further from "dance music."? It's hobo soul, baby. And the best way to understand it is to experience it.

Sweet City Slang is currently touring in support of their new album, Somewhere Along the Way, which is availible now on CD Baby and iTunes.


Somewhere Along the Way - 2006