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Berkley, Michigan, United States | MAJOR

Berkley, Michigan, United States | MAJOR
Band Blues Americana


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"Sweet Claudette Receives Three Indie Music Channel Awards Nominations"

Sweet Claudette goes to Hollywood, CA. at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. IMCA CEO,Chrisopher Ewing will be hosting the Red Carpet & 1st Annual IMCA Nomination Event, in the Foundation Room.

SharBaby Newport & her Rhythm Blues Band will perform. Sweet Claudette will do one with them. So many other awesome artist will also be performing. - www.SweetClaudette.Blogspot.com

"Sweet Claudette - Shaking Up The Bucket CD Review"

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Sweet Claudette

Shakin 'Up The Bucket

Website: www.sweetclaudette.com

Label: 4Real Records

Sweet Claudette was in August 2010 was nominated for a "Detroit Black Music Award. She is best known in the club circuit there in the States.
What is striking is the variety that you hear on this CD. Funky, country, jazzy, up-tempo and slow blues, there's nothing missing on this CD. This lady has it all. Beautiful, the various instruments "in the picture" should be put. The blues harp could not have been, but how about a flute (Female School), trumpet and trombone (The Chicken). Really a horn section that there may be.


Shaking Up the Bucket
Sending You To Man School
Dance & Party
Been There, Done That,
Is not Gonna Wash Your Dirty Clothes
Movin 'On
My Ford Taurus
About Sam Crying Man
The Chicken (Our Way)

Claudette itself has a very warm, deep voice that makes you melt when listening to her songs. Because of the variety of styles, this is a "masterpiece" has become. Music is thicker than water, and Claudette's clearly in the blood, everywhere. Beautifully sung with very funny lyrics. Blues is not just "wow wow" the lyrics can be a very different picture of what blues can be. I'm totally game for this project. (JePe)

- bealestreet.be April 2011

"Sweet Claudette - That Man's Got To Go (CD) April 2011, Issue # 4"

There’s some truly exciting stuff sticking out of the britches of Sweet Claudette's fifth album. The Detroit born vocalist emerges triumphant with “That Man’s Got To Go”, all fired up by her characteristic vocal maneuvering, plus, one had to mention, a storming display of supreme musicianship orchestrated by her back-up band, which in comparison to today’s widely accepted blues standards, who are incurably running short on character, prove to have that vital notch of boost in reserve.

As with all live recordings, there are some advantages to be considered here. For one thing, this so-called “Live In The Studio” operation enables the group to faithfully replicate its on-stage sound. This is done in supreme fashion, rounding up that almost juke joint like ambience, with whisky and cigarettes being the order of the day. With unforced musical understanding and addictively tuneful interplay constantly boiling all over the place, the band is feeling confident in pursuing that recognizable bluesy expression, showcasing strong leanings towards funk and jazz on the way. The band mood tends to alternate, of course, all according to Claudette’s frame of mind.

Sweet Claudette sure sounds like one sturdy mama, still, rough and ready vocal delivery isn’t the only thing in her armory. There’s some true sentimental stuff to be dealt with here everytime Claudette suddenly gives up her rigidity and throws herself with great delight into the emotion of the music. She knows exactly when and where to fill the gaps with imaginative flourishes, and she knows when to quietly retreat into the background leaving room for instrumental improvisations. Much of this grandiose maneuvering is guided by pure intuition. As for the improvised portion of the band's input, everything is done pretty much without a hiccup. There’s lots of breathing space for finger stretching into uncharted territory, but the main task lies with big chunks of funky blues being spontaneously knitted with a distinctive jazz feel.

Not surprisingly, the album’s high points are amicably split between Claudette’s and the band's moment of brilliance. To quickly mention just a few: that cheeky piece of funky music called “Hee-Bie Gee-Bies” will soon be found confidently bouncing on your ear membrane swinging to an almost James Brown like groove. Claudette’s baritone moan is well suited for relaxed dwelling in a soft jazzy environment of “Not Another Thing”. Liking the sensation of flourishing in a New Orleans like fashion, Claudette gives similar treatment to “Too Many Irons”. And if that is not enough, just simply wait
for her stunning redoing of an old Albert King favorite. “Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness” has been performed so many times and in so many formats and variations that it is hard to keep the blues standard fresh sounding and innovative, of course without discarding the original heritage in the process. It’s a difficult task, but one that Claudette and her merry men are well up to, highlighting rowdy vocals and vibrant musical interplay, both of which deliver the original “plot” in grand style.

It has to be said that with “That Man’s Got To Go” expectations for future Sweet Claudette releases will continue to run on a suitably high level, as long as she persists in delivering music of similar high octane intensity. - The Rocktologist, April 2011, Issue # 4

"Illinois Blues CD Review Blast E-Zine"

Sweet Claudette & Friends - That Man’s Got To Go

No Cover Productions




10 tracks time: 60:57

Sweet Claudette, “Detroit Matriarch of the Blues,” is a sultry, deep-voiced singer and original songwriter who’s played extensively in the Detroit area and in Canada. She was the 2007 Detroit Blues Society Competition Finalist for the International Blues Challenge, and has twice been nominated for a Detroit Music Award. That Man’s Got to Go, her fifth CD, features nine of her original songs plus her long take on Albert King’s rendition of the blues standard, “Aint Nobody’s Bizness.” This CD is solidly in the gutbucket groove that characterizes Detroit blues—polished, yet with a sense of the raw. Detroit, with its large African American population, has a strong history of blues, jazz, soul, rock, and of course, was the home base for Motown Records. It’s where John Lee Hooker started, was home for Rice Miller in the 1950s, has produced black artists from Eddie Kirkland to Wilson Pickett, Mary Wells to Aretha Franklin, and it is on this solid legacy that Sweet Claudette now builds—and builds well.

The band here consists of the rhythm section of Greg Manning, drums, Todd McIntosh, bass, and Dan Dekuyper, rhythm guitar; horn section of Marty Montgomery, sax, and Alonzo “Big Al” Haralson, trumpet and flugelhorn; and Howard Glazer, lead guitar, with Claudette on lead vocals. Montgomery and Haralson are outstanding on both solos and tandem playing, their playing combining blues with atonal modern jazz. Glazer, one of the Detroit area’s top guitarists, also records nationally with his band, the EL 34s, for Random Chance Records. His guitar playing is sophisticated, forceful and creative. Extended horn and guitar solos are the norm on the tracks, which are all long, ranging from 4 minutes and 6 seconds to 8 minutes and 23 seconds, yet are tight and never bore.

That Man’s Got to Go opens on a funk note with the first two tracks, “Best Damn Loving” and “Hee-Bie Gee-bies,” with the horns playing percussive riffs á là James Brown. The fourth track, “Not Another Moment,” is a contemporary jazz love ballad. The other six cuts are all city blues, up-tempo on track 3, “That Man’s Got To Go,” track 5, “Too Many Irons,” and the final track, “Meet Me.” Track 6, “Don’t Talk That Yak To Me,” is also up-tempo, but has more of a country feel, with slide guitar over a driving bass line. Tracks 7 through 9 presents an interlude of three long slow blues, the 7-minute, 44-second “Love I See In Your Eyes,” the 7-minute, 14-second “23 Hours & 45 Minutes,” and the 8-minute, 23-second rendition of Albert King’s “Aint Nobody’s Bizness.”

Sweet Claudette is a solid songwriter who bases herself on that standard theme of blues and jazz, men and love. Although “Hee-Bie Gee-bies” is a song of fear about those “things that go bump in the night,” all her other songs here are of men and love, both good and bad. “That Man’s Got To Go,” “Too Many Irons” and “Don’t Talk That Yak To Me” are all tales of bad, two-timing men, while “Best Damn Loving” celebrates her good man, and “Meet Me” is an exuberant party song of coming home to her man and his good love making. “Love I See In Your Eyes” and “Not Another Moment” are about relationships. The wry, uniquely-themed “23 Hours & 45 Minutes” is about her quick-on-the-draw man who completes the lovemaking in 15 minutes, leaving her to disconsolately lament, “Now what will I do with the other 23 hours and 45 minutes?” All this makes That Man’s Got to Go a most enjoyable CD indeed, variegated and well done.

Reviewer George Fish lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, home of blues legends Yank Rachell and Leroy Carr, and writes a regular music column, “Blues and More” for the online Bloomington (IN) Alternative. He’s also published in the regional Indiana blues and alternative presses as well as Living Blues and Blues Access, and wrote the notes for Yank Rachell’s Delmark album, Chicago Style. He has also published on blues and pop music for the left-wing press as well, and has appeared in Against the Current and Socialism and Democracy, as well as the online Political Affairs and MRZine.

Reviewer George Fish - Reviewer Goege Fish

"March 2009 Radio Charts (Sweet Claudette # 17)"

Click here: >> L I V I N G B L U E S <<

Living Blues Radio Chart - 3/1/09

1. Shemekia Copeland, Never Going Back, Telarc/Blues
2 Bobby Jones, Comin' Back Hard, Delta Groove
3 Saffire, The Uppity Blues Women, Havin' The Last Word, Alligator
4 John Nemeth, Love Me Tonight, Blind Pig
5 Guy Davis, Sweetheart Like You, Red House
6 Billy Flynn, Blues Drive, Land O' Blues
7 Ruthie Foster, The Truth According To Ruthie Foster, Blue Corn
8 The Nighthawks, American Landscape, Powerhouse
9 Damon Fowler, Sugar Shack, Blind Pig
10 Paul Rishell & Annie Raines, A Night In Woodstock, Mojo Rodeo
11 Derek Trucks, Already Free, Victor
12 The Soul Of John Black, Black John, Eclecto Groove
13 Luther Kent, Bobby Bland Songbook, Vetter
14 Gina Sicilia, Hey Sugar, Swingnation/Vizztone
15 Joe Louis Walker, Witness To The Blues, Stony Plain
16 Mitch Kashmar, Live At Labatt, Delta Groove
17. Sweet Claudette, That Man's Got To Go, No Cover
18 Susan Tedeschi, Back To The River, Verve Forecast
19 Mark T. Small, Screamin' & Cryin' The Blues, Whaling City Sound
20 Taj Mahal, Maestro, Heads Up Int'l
21 Anni Piper, Two's Company, Blues Leaf
22 S.E. Willis, Taproot, Mr. Suchensuch
23 Jorma Kaukonen, River Of Time, Red House
24 Elvin Bishop, The Blues Rolls On, Delta Groove
25 B.B. King, One Kind Favor, Geffen
- Living Blues - April 2009

""Sweet Claudette's latest release ... That Man's Got To Go ... has 9 thumping, grinding originals and 1 cover tune included ...""

Art & Entertainment: Music April 7, 2009 Reported as #17 March Living Blues Airplay Chart.


(Free-Press-Release.com) April 7, 2009 -- "Sweet Claudette is a sultry, deep-voiced singer and songwriter ... This CD is solidly in the gutbucket groove that characterizes Detroit blues—polished, yet with a sense of the raw. ... All this makes That Man’s Got To Go a most enjoyable CD indeed, variegated and well done." Reviewer George Fish , Illinois Blues Blast E-Zine (Feb 26, 0009).

Sweet Claudette's latest release on No Cover Productions has 9 thumping, grinding originals and 1 cover tune included. Claudette has "lined up the stars" both literally and figuratively for her fifth and most definitive CD to date. She is joined on this release by a who's who of Detroit talent including Howard Glazer and Dan DeKuyper on Guitars, Alonzo "Big Al" Haralson on Trumpet, Marty Montgomery on Sax, Greg Manning on Drums, and Todd MacIntosh on Bass. – Steve Allen, Independent Reviewer. The horns certainly helped to push That Man’s Got To Go into high gear.

That Man’s Got To Go release performed well in March 2009 Airplay Charts with results of a #17 spot on the Living Blues Report. It was rated as CD of the Week in France. Also, reported on Hot 25 Blues CDs for March by KSCU and March 2009 PLAYLIST.

That Man’s Got To Go was recorded ‘Live In The Studio’ at No Cover Productions. Singer, Songwriter Sweet Claudette provides just the right ingredients for this release which includes some funk, jazz, country and classic blues ambience over nine originals and one cover song. The CD lends itself to some great moods on this release.

“Sweet Claudette, That Man’s Got To Go (No Cover) Ms. Claudette, though relatively unknown on the national scene, has the sound of a woman who has been singing the Blues for a good long time. And the group of musicians she has behind her on this record lay down a groove that does Detroit proud.” Reviews KVKR-FM, January ‘09.

Sweet Claudette returns to Alabama in May ’09 to join her home state sistah’s, the Alabama Women of the Blues (Debbie Bond, Caroline Shines, Shar-Baby and Elnora Spencer) for her fourth year at the late Willie King’s Freedom Creek Festival. Spring and summer tour dates are planned in support of That Man’s Got To Go album in Windsor, Ontario Canada and Alabama. We are awaiting confirmation for Michigan, Ohio and Florida fall / winter dates.
Sweet Claudette and her release That Man’s Got To Go was included in well over 500 publications as part of the worldwide media distribution for two other artists (Chick Willis and Wayne Bishop) by a Florida publicist.

Domestic and international push has been in place since the release of That Man’s Got To Go CD on commercial, independent, college and Internet radio since late January 2009. That Man’s Got To Go CD continues to be on airplay rotation during several radio stations regular broadcasts.

For bookings or to additional information, contact Sweet Claudette at 313-404-0714. www.myspace.com/sweetclaudette or www.sweetclaudette.com www.sonicbids.com/sweetclaudette
- Free-Press-Release.com

"BluesByte E-Zine, Mark Gallo, June 2009"

"Sweet Claudette recorded That Man’s Got To Go (No Cover), her fifth release, live in the studio – first takes all. Enhanced by Howard Glazer’s fiery guitar and a two man horn section (Marty Montgomery, saxes and Alonzo ‘Big Al” Haralson, trumpet and flugelhorn) Claudette sails through a 10-song program of originals, and an Albert King cover (“Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness”) with the chops of a seasoned pro with loads of experience under her belt. The title cut (“that man of mine is breakin’ up my happy home”) is a standout in a program loaded top to bottom with impressive numbers. Claudette is the epitome of Detroit finger-snappin’ party blues, but she’s also a master at the low down. “Not Another Moment,” the sho’ nuff sweet “Don’t Talk That Yak To Me,” and the gorgeous “Love I See In Your Eyes” point to the work of a talented woman who has traveled the road."

- What's New CD Reviews, Bluenight

"KVKR-FM Review - That Man's Got To Go CD"

Reviews KVKR-FM, January ‘09 “Sweet Claudette, That Man’s Got To Go (No Cover) Ms. Claudette, though relatively unknown on the national scene, has the sound of a woman who has been singing the Blues for a good long time. And the group of musicians she has behind her on this record lay down a groove that does Detroit proud.” - KVKR-FM


1) Shaking Up The Bucket, 4/2011
2) That Man's Got To Go, 1/2009
3) Live & Kickin' covers & remix original, 2007



Her style of delivery is tastefully sassy and sometimes raw. Sweet Claudette can work from the stage and just as easily take it out to the audience.
Blues songstress Sweet Claudette sprinkles humor with her down home style of blues whis is contagious and guaranteed to raise the roof!
“Sweet Claudette is a singer with a deep, understated delivery. Although she is not a shouter, she can belt a lyric out.” ~ Blue Skunk Music ~ As a performer of classics and her own original songs, Sweet Claudette is an ambassador of low-down, witty blues. With several albums (much of which is her own penned songs) under her belt, this blues woman cites Alberta Adams, Etta James, Katie Webster, and Tina Turner as her biggest influences. 

For further information, check out the website at www.sweetclaudette.com, or call (313) 404-0714. 

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