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Sweet Dilemma @ SPIN Nightclub

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Sweet Dilemma @ Connersville

Connersville, Indiana, USA

Connersville, Indiana, USA

Sweet Dilemma @ Osgood Grub Company

Osgood, Indiana, USA

Osgood, Indiana, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



by Jessica Halverson
Sweet Dilemma - "No Respect"
Sweet Dilemma draws from classic rock, bringing back the tradition of big riffs, big drum fills, big guitar solos and strength in ballads. "No Respect" is the group's second release.

Angela Dean leads the band with husky and powerful vocals, with Michael Hall, Bill Stamper, Kevin Conners and Kevin Clark providing the sound on two guitars, bass and drums.

Head to www.myspace.com/sweetdilemma to watch a video for "Make Believe" and some studio scenes from the recording of "Ordinary Day." - InTake/Indy.com

by David Lindquist

Sweet Dilemma is a rock band that works hard at making an impression.

The five-member group made news last year for selling its songs as digital files saved to USB flash drives, and the musicians count Chicago; Cincinnati; Louisville, Ky.; and Dayton, Ohio, as cities where they're growing a fan base.

On Friday, vocalist Angela Dean, guitarists Kevin Conners and Kevin Clark, drummer Bill Stamper and bass player Michael Hall will appear at a benefit for the Church Within, 1125 Spruce St.

Billed as "Not Your Grandmother's Fundraiser," the 18-and-older event will feature music, two stand-up comedians and an auction of paintings created by homeless artists (who will receive whatever money is spent on their work).

The members of Sweet Dilemma recently talked to Indy.com about their music, gender politics in modern rock and the decline of the compact disc:

On being fronted by a female vocalist: "I've always had a stronger voice, so I think it fits what we do pretty well," Dean says. "Bands prop women up for a look or an attitude, and they're not really as talented as you would hope they would be," Stamper says. "I've had people come up and say, 'Wow, (Dean) can actually sing.' That's a great compliment."

On Dean's musical resume: "I've been singing in front of people since I was 5," she says. "I've done it ever since, whether it was in church ..... I sang opera and did musical theater, but I always wanted to be in a band."

On the band's songs: "I don't think we sit down and say, 'We want to sound like Pat Benatar in this song,' or 'We want to sound like No Doubt or Sheryl Crow,'." Stamper says. "We just play something. If we're conscious of anything, it's making sure that it's accessible and easy to listen to." Clark adds: "It's 3-minute rock-'n'-roll songs."

On selling their music on a USB flash drive: It seems like the next step," Hall says. "We didn't really know it was being done anywhere else until we started researching it. What's the next medium that's going to be big? We don't know if it's going to be (USB flash drives), but it's not a CD."

On future distribution of the band's music: "We'll probably work with anything that transfers digital media easiest -- whatever's 'right now,'." Clark says. "It doesn't really matter, because there's so many different ways of transferring and storing music."

On playing around the Midwest: "Basically, we get on MySpace and start hitting the towns we're going to about three weeks before we get there," Clark says.

"We send out some friend requests, and we send messages to friends we already have there." - The Indianapolis Star Media Group

Nuvo Web exclusive:
Stereo Deluxe with Sweet Dilemma and friends
Spin Nightclub
Mar 5, 2008
by Paul F. P. Pogue
....none more so than Sweet Dilemma, which sounded like a combination of Blondie, Slaughter and “Use Your Illusion”-era Guns ’n’ Roses. Vocalist Angela Dean showed off her husky but rich voice with the band, delivering very focused and very loud musicianship. - nuvo.net

by Kristin Riccardo Jul 11, 2007

Sweet Dilemma - No Respect
Independent release

Four stars

It’s nice to see a strong lead singer in the sultry vocals of Angela Dean; not to say the rest of the group is slouching. Powerhouse guitar riffs and percussion from Michael Hall, Bill Stamper, Kevin Conners and Kevin Clark are energetic and fresh. The result is a fantastic sound and a good sense of intonation.

Sounds like: Rock/pop with vocals similar to Fiona Apple or Melissa Etheridge
- NUVO Magazine


"Love", Sweet Dilemma's second release is available at all major online retailers.



Within weeks of forming in late 2004, Sweet Dilemma entered the studio and released a 5 song CD to great reviews from the public and critics alike. GarageBand.com quickly named Angela Dean ‘Vocalist of the Month’ with “Caught”, the first song the band ever submitted on the internet.

The spring of 2006 took Sweet Dilemma back to the studio to record "Ordinary Day", "Hypnotized", and "Stand In Line". The band took advantage of the studio as a backdrop and rolled cameras during the recording of “Ordinary Day”. It is a rare glimpse of them as they bring their songs to life.

The following summer and fall saw Sweet Dilemma playing many shows in clubs around the region. The energy of the band while playing coupled with the strength of the songs in their expanding set list made each show a new experience for their fans. Requests were constantly made for songs that had never seen the light of day outside the live show.

Sweet Dilemma found themselves in the studio during the winter of 2007 recording "If I Want To" and "Make Believe". The promise of "Make Believe" as a follow-up single prompted the band to film a video which is now available on YOU TUBE and MYSPACE. The Indy Music Channel added the video to its play list and “Make Believe” was put into heavy rotation.

Sweet Dilemma continues performing shows that have been described as fun, powerful, and exciting. With a song catalog now easily longer than allotted set times, the band is constantly demanded to play encores; a demand Sweet Dilemma gladly meets. Enjoy the show and be sure to introduce yourself to the band. They are always anxious to meet you!