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"It's awesome !" - Christine Fortier; Voir newspaper; CISM 89,3 FM (Montreal)

"A band to watch very very closely, excellent material, Sweet Distortion ... a name to remember"
- André Pitre, le Grimoire du Métal, CISM 89,3 FM (Montreal)

"... Missing Link is not actually a demo, but rather a professionally produced full-length CD. Fascinating music it comprises too, as the Canadians strive to embrace the whole metallic spectrum... Enlivened by an exceptional sound, the open-minded will find this a diverse and captivating offering. "
- Nick Moberly, Terrorizer magasine, issue#90

"... when you undergo the whole thing, your fuses blow for this is really twisted and oddly, I rather like that! All this music has ideas so original as a starting point that one can only bow down before their genius.... 91/100" - Nicolas Arnaud, Beyond magazine (Belgium)

"Unbridled riffs as Sepultura while in other moments we think of Kiss. Special energy. In the Top 10 of 2001!"
- Richard Langlois, Trinité Gothik fanzine

"An interesting blend of trash metal and nu-metal"
- Simon Girard, CIBL 101,5 FM (Montreal)

"Very solid sound ... 2 thumbs up in the ass ! You've got a distinct and original sound... congratulations... It's hard to be unique with all the bands out there ... "
- Soche, Productions Infection

"Very powerful sound !... You guys honor the Quebec nu-metal scene"
- Martin Poirier from radio-abrasive Rimouski CKMN 96,5 FM
- ****

"Missing Link CD Review by Nuono"

Sweet Distortion

«Missing Link»

(99 tracks, 60´55")

This canadian wrecking crew start things off with a really heavy sound, owing somewhat to a certain modern Thrash influence, but full of technical details, quite uncommon for this style: a good singing voice and some shouty, strange effects, and a weird jazz influence (in some parts). The singer also touches on rap, but fortunately this isn´t some pre-fabricated whiny Nu-metal. You can try and imagine the early 90´s bands that did some off-the-wall stuff with a Thrash backdrop. The franco-canadian accents really give a touch of tonal identity to this group, even though they sing in english. In a certain way they remind me of french band Hoax, or even some other canadians (if I remember correctly) called Varga (who were way ahead of their time in the early 90´s in terms of rap-metal). They punch in a really groovy sound with some spasms of Thrash brutality. The rhytm guitars have a really excellent tone, with (in some moments) that kind of dirty scrawl of american death metal. Yes, they do cover a lot of bases. The musicians are quite creative and these themes show a lot of diversity. The stand-outs will go to tracks like «The Pit», «Join The Hunt», «Sweet Distortion» and the tongue-in-cheek titled «Kiss My Ass». Even so the other songs manage to retain a highly elevated heavy (as in metal) standard («Son Of A Gun» and «Brand New Breed» are also quite memorable). All in all, a great and slightly-off-the-wall record by an independent group full of promise.

C/o PO Box 30, Ste-Julie, Qc, J3E 1X5 Canada

Home page: www.sweetdistortion.com

[8] N.S.
- RIFF magazine from Portugal


All full-lenght, BROADCAST quality CDs

2006- Life Kills
2003- Toé! Écoute Moé!! (in French)
2001- Missing Link



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Check out our >>> Life Kills album medley <<<
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in Sweet D's brand of high quality aggression!!!!


Sweet Distortion is a new heavy rock band with mass commercial appeal from the cold land of Montreal, Quebec/Canada.

We mix the creative and melodic side of System of a Down with the mad intensity and showmanship of Slipknot, spicing it up with the hard groove of Pantera and old school heaviness.

The result: loud high energy music having both mass appeal and a serious artistic vibe!

Our live shows are pretty much over the top and highly energetic. In the studio we're meticulous and precise. Our gigs are hell raising and stage storming aggression!!

*** On our www.sweetdistortion.com website, you'll find videos of us LIVE in the "Downloads" section.
Take a peak at what Sweet D's all about!! ***

The songs on our brand new Life Kills album come in different shades of aggression and are not simply repeats of the same all over. The vocals are distinct and melodic, the musicianship intense and as professional as they come.

Frequent comments are that people will play the CD over and over again, and that the songs really stick in their heads.

There are a couple of alternative radio station friendly tracks ---- CAN YOU SAY **HITS** ?? ---- especially since we made a couple of edited short versions for that very purpose.

What makes us even more stand from the crowd is that we speak both English and French, which caters well to our Sweet and our Distortion side. Jerome has no accent at all when he sings, but he does slightly when he speaks, to the delight of the ladies! Yet another tool in our vast arsenal.

The album is full BROADCAST QUALITY. It was recorded at Cyberlogy studio, who has produced gold and platinum record artist K-Maro (French R’n’B). It's READY TO GO. WE'RE READY TO GO FULL PEDAL TO THE METAL.

We have our Sweet side, and our Distortion side. But we’re ALL about INTENSITY, WINNING, and MAKING A MARK ON THE MUSIC SCENE.

We are damn sure that there's a true NEED out there for heavy music. We believe in the return to glory of good, wholesome, machismo driven rock to draw the interest of the "women market", and of the fans craving for rough and tough yet positive lyrics.

With bands like Slipknot, System of a Down and Sweet Distortion, etc. There can be once again a massive wave of heavy music in the mainstream.

That's our ambition right there: to be at the forefront of a new wave of heavy rock popularity!

If you’re on the lookout for an ambitious, talented, hard working band ready to take on the WORLD, then


Sweet D reams