Melodic pop/rock.The voice will surprise you.No 2 songs the same,mixing upbeat rock with ballads and the odd blues,jazz or roots-rock.Maybe Matchbox20 with a female;a mature Avril or Michelle Branch;or Alanis.Jennifer's voice is compared to a modern Ann Wilson or Pat Benetar,or in ballads to Jewel.


Sometimes crooning soft and sweet, sometimes belting out strong, SweetDuration couples the powerful vocals of their female lead singer with catchy, dynamic, and memorable alternative pop/rock music.

SweetDuration has earned a substantial following in northern California through their live shows, and online through their official website and music sites such as mp3.com, Garageband.com and online radio station Choice Radio. As a result of countless favorable reviews from the title track of SweetDuration's latest EP CD, their song "No More" was selected as Garageband.com's Track of the Day on April 23rd, 2004 in the Pop/Rock genre. In 2001, following the release of their self-titled first full-length CD, their song "Let's Go Wild" hit #5 out of 15,000 songs in the Pop/Rock genre, receiving strong positive reviews from countries all over the world.

In June 2003, SweetDuration beat out other San Francisco Bay Area acts to win the Battle of the Bands sponsored by Mix 106.5 KEZR, one of the most popular commercial AAA radio stations in the Silicon Valley, and previously, their song "Make Up Your Mind" received a significant number of votes in their New Music Showdown on the air. As a result of such attention, SweetDuration has shared bills with such major acts as Stabbing Westward (now called "The Dreaming"), Jason Mraz, Dana Glover, Chantal Kreviazuk, and Josh Kelley. They appeared live on 107.7 The Bone (KSAN)'s popular morning show before their Voodoo Lounge performance in San Francisco in 2002, and the band was invited to headline Mix 106.5's Listener Appreciation Day at theme park Raging Waters in 2001. Their music has also gained popularity on many college stations across the country. In April 2004, they appeared as musical guests on UPN TV's comedy show "Seriously Unusual Television Network (SUTN)," which boasts over 100,000 Northern California viewers. SweetDuration has also appeared on several Bay Area cable TV shows such as Bay Area Live and charity telethons, such as the EHC Hunger Drive and the 13th Annual Soundwaves Christmas Show to raise money for needy families.

SweetDuration is the songwriting team of lead vocalist Jennifer McBride and rhythm guitarist Mike McCullough, and the duo is currently backed by a killer lineup--Jeremy Pullman on lead guitar, Don String on keyboards, Kevin Sullivan on bass guitar and Scott Smith on drums/percussion. If you were to ask founding members Jennifer and Mike how the band came to be, they would probably laugh and tell you an interesting tale of karaoke over drinks one night at a local pub in the San Jose area back in 1999. What started out as carefree fun at that pub inspired them to create music of their own. Soon, they began to get together frequently at Mike's house to write songs. With a handful of original songs completed, they started out performing at open mic nights, or while the live band of the night took a break mid-show at a Bay Area pub. Getting great responses from the crowds, they realized they just might have something special, and started to get more serious about their efforts.

SweetDuration is proud of their latest 3-song CD "No More," which was released mid-2004. They worked with talented producer Adam Rossi--who has worked with the likes of Luce, Savage Garden and Aerosmith--and are thrilled at the sound he helped them achieve. With their killer lineup of musicians, SweetDuration's full band is currently hard at work performing many shows across the state of California.


No More

Written By: Lyrics by Jennifer McBride, Music by Mike McCullough

I was always there
Seems like I'm always waiting for you
Seems like you don't care
To see this through

So I've made my choice
I've finally found my voice
Guess today's the day, yeah...
...when I finally walk away

Step aside
I won't let you drag me behind
Let me go
I won't wait for you no more

I will never know
At what point you realize
You no longer needed me
In your life

So tell me, what did I do?
I always tried to be a friend to you
But if I'm not good enough
Then here's me, moving on without you


Why do you look at me like that,
Like you don't know me?
Why can't we go back?
Maybe then, you wouldn't be so lonely



Written By: Lyrics by Jennifer McBride and Mike McCullough, Music by Mike McCullough

Tired of wasting
All this time
With no reason
With no rhyme

Why am I still
the only one here?
When all I want is
to be near

'Cuz I don't know where to go
Have I been too long out of the know?
'Cuz after seeing every face in town,
I think I'm the only
sane one around

And so I fight and I fight
to get out of this place
But I'm not sure I want to go

'Cuz I don't want to be alone
I can't win this fight on my own, no no
Take my hand, lead me
Out of the cold
I don't want to be alone

The sun is scorchin', and
Sweat stings
There's a lazy feeling
Hanging in the wings
I'm center-stage,
all eyes on me
But, could I ever be
what they want me to be?

So I fight and I fight
To get out of this place
But I'm not sure I want to go


And so I fight and I fight
To get out of this place
But I'm not sure I want to go


Musical outro

My Day

Written By: Lyrics and Music by Mike McCullough

Wanderin' through the thoughts
in my mind
Of a day that I can't wait to realize

Wonderin' if it's all I'd hoped for
and all that it's really cracked up to be

And I know some who've done it before
And some that are doin' it right now
And I'd trade the world in to feel
Just how it is to stand in their shoes

'Cuz I'm waiting for my day to come
I'm waiting for all the things
To line up just the way they should
I'm ready for my day to come
When you will finally know me

Hey, yeah....

Day gets closer and closer
As the obsession grows
To the point of explosion

Things begin to get crazy
And life gets just a little more
complicated than before

So I hold on to family and friends
And I, I hope for the best
Yeah, and I cross my fingers
And hope that the explosion
gets the attention
of the world



Oh, when's my day?

Waiting for my day to come
Oh, why can't all the things
Line up just the way they should
Ready for my day to come, yeah
When you will finally know me


1999 - 3-song acoustic demo CD "SweetDuration"

2000 -- 7-song demo CD "Dreaming Out Loud..."

2001 -- full-length professional release

2004 -- 3-song professional release "No More" w/
producer Adam Rossi

Set List

As of the start of 2005, SweetDuration typically plays showcases and bar/club shows with anywhere from 1 to 7 other acts. Depending on what the venue schedules, we are usually billed for a set of 30-60min.

Our sets consist of mostly original music, although we occasionally throw in 1-2 covers depending on the type of show. Cover songs could be anything from 4 Non Blondes' "What's Up," to Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion," Melissa Etheridge's "I'm the Only One" or Guns 'n' Roses' "Sweet Child of Mine."

As of June 2005, here's what a typical 1-hr set from SweetDuration would probably look like:

1. Make Up Your Mind (original from 2001 CD but now more electric and rocking)
2. No More (original from 2004 CD)
3. My Day (original from 2004 CD)
4. Dreaming Out Loud (original from 2001 CD)
5. (Cover Song)
6. Don't Run Away (brand new original)
7. Why (original from 2001 CD, although then it was sung by former band member Mo, now it is sung by Jennifer)
8. What We Could Be (original f