Sweet Escape

Sweet Escape

 Topsfield, Massachusetts, USA

Sweet Escape is a north shore band with an alternative rock jive with a lot of heart and soul in our lyrics! We'll inspire you, motivate you and make you want to get up and dance!


The members of the band include Cindy Pelland-lead vocals & acoustic guitar,Mark Bowman-lead guitar & bass, Sean Bowman-lead guitar & bass and Steve Duggan-drums & percussion. Although the 4 musicians have all been leading their own musical careers through the years, it wasn't until they were introduced by a friend when they decided to become a musical team. They all lived within a 30 mile radius of one another and
had never even met. The band instantly made a connection, a friendship and an artistry where all of their combined efforts have paid off through their music. Deciding on a band name has led them through many variations when they finally decided on"Sweet Escape" due to the fact that their weekly
band practice was their sweet escape from their everyday reality. Although their ages and backgrounds have led them through different genres of music, eras and lifetime experiences, they all have come together as one unity through their music. They have finished their upcoming album called "Not a destination" which is being released on August 12, 2010 at The Black Lobster in Salem,Massachusetts. In the meantime they continue to perform original and cover songs at gigs in local pubs.


While you sleep

Written By: Cindy Pelland

Verse 1
I watch you while you sleep
You're in a place you look at peace
I seem to think you know I'm there
Hoping you can feel my stare

While you sleep
I can't feel your heartbeat
While you sleep
I want to see what you see
While you sleep

Verse 2
Quiet now no move to make
I cry to you my hand you'll take
Right beside you, you're not alone
Trembling for the time to come

Verse 3
Can't say goodbye before you wake
Don't want to leave or walk away
My love stay with you through the night
Can't take away your light inside


Our debut album "Not a destination" is being released on August 12th at the Black Lobster in Salem, MA. Our tracks include

1. Evade
2. One good friend
3. While you sleep
4. Become
5. Wonder
6. I told you
7. Believe me
8. Love falls down
9. Waiting
10. Coming home
11. Not a destination
12. Escape from reality