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Sweet Fanny Adams

Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
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Sweet Fanny Adams @ 2009 CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival

New York City, New York, USA

New York City, New York, USA

Sweet Fanny Adams @ Festival No Ar Coquetel Molotov

Recife, Not Applicable, Brazil

Recife, Not Applicable, Brazil

Sweet Fanny Adams @ Órbita Bar

Fortaleza, Not Applicable, Brazil

Fortaleza, Not Applicable, Brazil

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Sweet Fanny Adams are a rock band hailing from Recife, Brazil. With 'Fanny, You're No Fun' Diego Araújo, Leo Gesteira, Hélder Bezerra and Rafael Borges follow up to their self titled 2007 EP with four new slices of rock and roll. These tracks see the Brazilian boys rattling along noisily in such a way that you can almost see their manly swaggers. This is cock rock that aspires to Stooges status but, whilst the music is not far off, the lyrics leave something to be desired.
Since English is Sweet Fanny Adams' second language, I know I should really be giving the band a bit of leeway on this, but with first track 'Hate Song' I really can't give an inch. With a very simplistic and clunky bass line (strangely similar to Flight Of The Conchords' 'She's So Hot'), accompanied by minimal guitar strumming, all ears are on the lyrics.
If 'Hate Song' is singer Diego Araújo's one chance at venting some hatred then he hasn't really grasped the opportunity. 'From now on I'm just going to unleash all my hatred' he promises, but never does, instead constantly confirming 'This is a hate song' as if this will make up for the distinct lack of bile. At one point Diego barks the lyrics; 'If this offends you, you are allowed to shout back' which at once presents an amusing scenario; a 'rock and roll' front man (who says he carefully chooses his words just to sound more cruel) politely encouraging his listeners to express their own opinions if he rubs them up the wrong way. This isn't how Iggy would have done it!
'Everyday I wake up worse than ever' Diego goes on to lament in second track 'Killing Spree'. This is a man talking about losing his mind and sometimes having to break things just to calm down, but the song lacks a vital punch to make these admissions feel like any sort of reality. On this track it feels less like it's the lyrics that don't ring true, and more that the track could be saved if only the production was dirtied up a little.
I'm still wondering where the danger is when we get to 'She Wants To Burn'. To me, this kind of rock and roll should pick you up on a heady, hedonistic rush of youth and carry you to a place where you feel unstoppable and unaccountable. So far, Sweet Fanny Adams' have given me the impression that they are just naughty boys, rolling out nihilistic cliches, who pose no real threat.
This is how I feel until the last track, 'C'mon Girl', comes around. A Kings of Leon style rabble rouser this track is all the things I had been hoping for from the EP's previous offerings. There is something delightfully fuzzy about the bass, something heart-racing about the driving force combination of guitar and drum beat. Admittedly, there is also something rather out of tune about the singing, but that just adds to the whole rebellious feel. Who cares about a bit of off key vocals if the soul is there? There is even a slowed down snarl that works itself into a frenzy...one of those tricks we love so much. With 'C'mon Girl', Sweet Fanny Adam's prove themselves to be anything but just 'naughty boys' and I am prepared to eat all my previous words. There is definitely something really sophisticated coming to the surface here and it excites me.
With 'Fanny, You're No Fun' Sweet Fanny Adams show that they are a name to watch out for. This EP is worth a listen, not just because of the fantastic 'C'mon Girl', but also because this is good music if you like your rock manly, dirty and well made. I anticipate Sweet Fanny Adams to grow and gain in strength, this is only their second EP after all, and I'm sure they have it in them to create bigger and better things. In order to do this it's not going to be a case of practicing what they preach as such, since sonically Sweet Fanny Adams are gutsy enough to pull off the rock and roll sound. It will be more a case of preaching what they practice; by moving their lyrics and emotions forward to truly convey that anarchic angst that is so essential to this style of music. I will look forward to seeing the outcome of Sweet Fanny Adams' evolution.

- Written by Sarah Barnes


- Sweet Fanny Adams - Sweet Fanny Adams EP (2007)
- Sweet Fanny Adams - Fanny, You´re No Fun EP (2008)



They are young, they play an honest rock’n’roll and they want, at least, to be in a cool mixtape that people might like to hear. But this is not a made-for-TV movie synopsis. It basically represents in a few words the spirit of this band called Sweet Fanny Adams – meaning “nothing at all”. As if such a band needed a name with a deep meaning.

It is the will of making a dancing rock, full of fun - without having to be "funny" - that moves Sweet Fanny Adams. Formed by Diego Araújo, Leo Gesteira, Hélder Bezerra and Rafael Borges, the band has been able to sweep the audience off its feet, winning more fans at each live performance. It is on the stage that they show us they are not kidding when it comes to making people move their bodies: dancing, jumping or simply tapping the feet to the sound of the riffs and chorus. That’s why it wasn’t by pure chance that they were invited to play, despite the short history of the band, in many important independent rock festivals throughout Brazil.
The band’s second EP, called “Fanny, You’re No Fun”, has four instantaneous hits. Don’t miss the chance to listen to them: it's the best fun you can get when old-school-rock-and-roll meets get-off-your-feet-and-dance-beat.