Sweet Fanny Adams

Sweet Fanny Adams

 Recife, Pernambuco, BRA

Sweet Fanny Adams


They are young, they play an honest rock’n’roll and they want, at least, to be in a cool mixtape that people might like to hear. But this is not a made-for-TV movie synopsis. It basically represents in a few words the spirit of this band called Sweet Fanny Adams – meaning “nothing at all”. As if such a band needed a name with a deep meaning.

It is the will of making a dancing rock, full of fun - without having to be "funny" - that moves Sweet Fanny Adams. Formed by Diego Araújo, Leo Gesteira, Hélder Bezerra and Rafael Borges, the band has been able to sweep the audience off its feet, winning more fans at each live performance. It is on the stage that they show us they are not kidding when it comes to making people move their bodies: dancing, jumping or simply tapping the feet to the sound of the riffs and chorus. That’s why it wasn’t by pure chance that they were invited to play, despite the short history of the band, in many important independent rock festivals throughout Brazil.
The band’s second EP, called “Fanny, You’re No Fun”, has four instantaneous hits. Don’t miss the chance to listen to them: it's the best fun you can get when old-school-rock-and-roll meets get-off-your-feet-and-dance-beat.


C'mon Girl

Written By: Sweet Fanny Adams

she'll have problems with my dirty talking
i can't control my innate behaviour
in your head, no way out
i'm smashing doors to tame it down
going back is not an option

c'mon girl, we are missing something
you know i'm the fuel and you have the matches

Keep it, you won't have another chance
you can say i'm a bitter man, but you'll never call me boring

you have problems with my talking
i'm smashing doors to tame it
you know we are missing something
i am fuel, you have matches

Hate Song

Written By: Sweet Fanny Adams

i'm not thinking about how i'm going to start this
because this is a hate song
and if you expecting me to be kind and gentle
this is a hate song
from now on i'm just going to unleash all my hatred
this is a hate song
and if this offends you, you are allowed to shout back
this is a hate song

for your low self-esteem, i'm not going to have any respect
this is a hate song
this includes your friends, your family and your life
this is a hate song
don't wait for no passionate love declarations
this is a hate song
i'll carefully choose all my words just to be more cruel
this is a hate song

She Wants to Burn

Written By: Sweet Fanny Adams

i get along without her very well
but what she does i cannot tell
i have the strenght to be alone
but she comes and fire me up to the bone

and i know she wants to burn my brain and blow my heart

she doesn't want me, but she wants my mind
when i'm getting ok she comes to see me, she sends a sign
i have the strenght to be alone
but she comes and fire me up to the bone

Killing Spree

Written By: Sweet Fanny Adams

hey, don't you say i'm harsh
everybody is cruel when you are the weakest
Someday i thought that i was bad enough
but everyday i wake up worse than ever

i've lost my faith a long time ago
i've lost my mind a long time ago

sometimes you have to break some things
just to calm down and feel better
but i never loose myself too much
that would be a killing spree

Flaming Veins

Written By: Sweet Fanny Adams

feel the burning road below my wheels
accelerate to the end, she's in a hurry too
feel the raging motor, she's a purring cat
landscape passing by, adrenaline rushing through

get in and go straight ahead
gain control, we are one

feel the flaming veins, chrome-plated eyes
my heart is pumping fuel and burns like gasoline


- Sweet Fanny Adams - Sweet Fanny Adams EP (2007)
- Sweet Fanny Adams - Fanny, You´re No Fun EP (2008)

Set List

1. Flaming Veins
2. Hate Song #3
3. She Wants To Burn
4. Killing Spree
5. C'mon Girl
6. The Last Sunny Day of the Year
7. City Girl
8. Relate Recall Refuse
9. Pretending
10. Ants In My Head
11. The Ride
12. Robots