Fresh from the breeding ground of great rock talent - south wales comes Sweetfontaine...fresh, original but firmly influenced by great bands such as The Who and Blind Melon. Already causing a stir in wales, set to be the next great thing. Currently recording in Stir Studio Cardiff.


Sweetfontaine have that one vital ingredient - effort and love of the music. Formed by brothers united by a common goal to stick two fingers up to employers and do what they love. The band aren't moulded by A&R to look like every other manufactured band, they are honest working class rock and roll heroes. The very thesis of the band is great music for the masses, songs to dance to, songs to cry to, songs that say..no I will not be the same as all the rest! We only have one life and the songs are steeped in this fact, that what we have we must make the most of. They are just great pop songs, songs for the people!


Recent song from Stir sessions EP: 'Arcadia' has been played on BBC radio 6 with Tom Robinson and GTFM to much praise.

Set List

We generally play around 9 songs in our set which lasts between 30 and 45 mins. We do have over 24 songs in our repertoire that can be called on if needed.