Sweet Georgia Brown Band

Sweet Georgia Brown Band


Classic country and western music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's - Merle, Dwight, Cash, Buck and all the greats!


Sweet Georgia Brown band is an all family band, dedicated to providing quality entertainment. A non-smoking/drinking band, that shows up on time, returns from breaks on time, and knows the meaning of a volume level less than 10, we try to deliver the best of what classic country music is all about. Playing everything from Eddie Arnold to Alan Jackson, along with new original material, we do our best to make your party/event a musical success!


Your Alot Of What's Right With Me

Written By: Ted Bogaerts

Ive been better, but I can't complain
Some days are good, others just like rain
Well alots not right, from what I see,
But honey your alot of whats right with me

Verse 1:
I like my pickup truck, and cookin out in the rain
I like to sing my songs, at the end of the day
And when I'm feeling down, and I can't relax
You take that weight, right off of my back

Chorus:(see above)

Verse 2:
I like late at night, watchin old movies
There aint nothin wrong, with the seventies
A weekend trip, a little get away
And well be huggin and kissin all day

Chorus(see above):

Verse 3:
Twentyfour seven, all day and night
Right by your side, that's what I like
Well if we start to fuss, and we start to fight
Hey that's ok, we'll make it up that night

Chorus(see above)


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Set List

Sets are anywhere from 50 minutes to one hour, although we will negotiate whatever is needed to make your show the way you want. Typical set list could include.......
Stay here and drink
Folsom Prison
Only Hurts Me When I Cry
Your Alot of What's Right With Me (original)
Texarkana Baby
Tulsa Time
Achy Breaky Heart
Working Man Blues
Fighting Side of Me
Tennessee Waltz
Sing Me Back Home