Sweet Hello

Sweet Hello


Folk flavored rock


Indie folk-pop band Sweet Hello formed in 2002 around the core of singers/songwriters Laura Doherty and Cat Edgerton. Their first CD Well of Wishes was released in 2004 featuring John Abbey on bass, Jason Toth on drums and Kerry Sheehan on accordion and piano. With their sophomore release, The Pause and the Rest, Sweet Hello has come into their own. Trading lead vocals, the pair strikes a unique balance of dark and light, weaving textured harmonies throughout their songs. The Pause and the Rest brings back the band from the duo's first recording, plus a few additional artists, including Aerin Tedesco and Andrea Bunch (Congress of Starlings) on backing vocals, Larry Beers on drums, David Sims on percussion, plus electric guitarists John Spiegel and Gregg Ostrom. Both records were produced by John Abbey.


Well of Wishes, 2004
The Pause and the Rest, 2008

Set List

Can provide 1 to 2 hours of music depending on venue requirements.